So, what about having a video that multiple people can record? Imagine you want to make a video with someone who is in another continent. My idea is: I start the video, and then I tell the app “@somebody continues”, then, that person is notified and can continue with the video, and tells the app “@othersomebody continues” or “return to @thefirstperson”, until the video is finished. This could also work very well with teams, and maybe there’s the posibility of making longer videos :thinking:

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yo bro thats dope idea it would help us a lot

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There is already a topic on this subject —>

Collabs from a distance


@Quinten You’re right! I’m sorry, it seems I didn’t search well enough

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that sounds like a cool idea:exclamation:

I think this is already a suggestion, but you threw a nice twist on it. It could possibly be turned into a little game. As you said, person A would start, @ person B, and they would continue. Eventually you would have a great final product if you time it well.

Good idea but i don’t think this should be a thing on v2 people can do it very easily on there own

That would actually be very usefull

I think is. Good idea but you won’t need to do that. If I’m not mistaken I think the app will have a upload from camera roll option. Do you can just record your part and send it to your friend, he uploads from camera and on editing he could add his part.

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Great idea bro