Multiple Users/Channels

Hey, I have a quick idea for something that would make v2 really useful and cool.

The idea comes from instagram - you know how you can have multiple users or “channels” for one account? I think that idea would work really well for v2! People could have a channel for comedy, a channel for skits, a channel for vlogs, etc. And you could theoretically make a team to combine them all into one.

What do yall think?


I think thats an awesome idea! If someone has multiple niches they can cater to different genres! I really like that idea!


I like the sound of that

I believe this Announcment may be what you’re looking for:

@Shortsy I think @AwesomeSaucer is referring to being able to have multiple accounts and being able to quickly switch between then. Here are some threads:

I also included this idea in All Ideas/Suggestions For V2


Ah i see!

Cool, The person is going to have to work a lot hahaha

That could possibly get a bit confusing, but in a way, I like it.

Lol im imagining someone making 15 accounts and joining them all in one team and the team is just their name or something. not a bad idea, i might have to look into that option for the future… idk what 15 niches i would need to make vines for though lmaoo

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That takes a lot of talent to manage multiple channels in different genres but in sure many people are gonna rock at it!

Good idea, but it’s already in the process

Maybe instead of multiple channels/accounts there could be a folders or playlists functions that could allow the division of several topics by the same user