Multiple Category submission?

Forgive me if this has already been suggested. Some of my bytes fit multiple categories, like this one…

It has elements of horror, comedy, vfx, and animation.

In the future would we might be able to submit a video into more than one category?

And by the way, I LOVE this new update!


With this feature the line between categories and hashtags would be even more blurred and I continue to wonder why we have both


I really like this idea! I feel like some people have a hard time being “boxed in” as they say. And being a creative, there is times where two or more categories mix or something like that comes into play that makes the byte THAT much more special! Idk If this can be a thing or even be considered to one day be a thing but over all I think the idea is a positive rather than a negative! That or they do some more stuff with the hashtags ^^^ which i think they are in the future! And that is also exciting! All these new things are so exciting honestly. Yay byte :hugs:


problem with this would be the possibility of people tagging their bytes with all of the categories in hopes of getting more exposure, maybe there should be a limit of 2 or 3?


Would def need to be modded. But the byte team is expanding on their mods already! So maybe in the future all of these things can be possibilities!


I agree with @Jaurshe on the multiple categories as you all probably know.

I still am going to push for the idea of a curator vs mod mentality when it comes to channels/categories.

Right now I am seeing a lot of “well this isn’t _____ enough for /_____ so we deleted/removed it”. (Mod)

As a creator, I would much rather see “oh this is awesome! We need this in our channel! Let me cross post it it to /____” (Curator)

Sure if something is blatantly against the rules of byte (not necessarily the channel) -then delete it. Cool.

But if there is some debate as to whether it’s original content, exactly meets the rules of the channel, or spirit, or the “opinion” of the mod? Flag it, stick it in limbo (Temporary removal from channel-not delete) and notify the creator. The creator then gets a chance to make their case, within a timed (say 24 hrs) period and it either gets approved, moved to the agreed upon appropriate channel, or the OP can download and then it will be deleted.


If nothing else, establish a “secondary” channel selection. That way, you can select two channels, with one being the primary (the one you would most like the post to go into), and the secondary being a “just in case” choice, on the off-chance the post “doesn’t fit” the criteria slated for the channel itself (see: all of the hullabaloo around the /cinematic channel in earlier topics from today). That way, if your primary choice doesn’t work out, it is still given a home in a set channel.


I really like this approach because all interactions are positive rather than negative. The only problem I see is it would require a lot more people working as curators because creators would no longer be self categorizing


I don’t think so.

The creator still has the option to pick one /channel.

But if another channel curator happens to see something they like, they have the option to add it to the /channel they are responsible for.

Think a museum curator. Their job is to find great content and help the museum grow.

Definition of role:
Curators , lead the acquisition, storage, and exhibition of collections. They negotiate and authorize the purchase, sale, exchange, and loan of collections. They also may research, authenticate, evaluate, and categorize the items in a collection.

Curators often perform administrative tasks and help manage their institution’s research projects and related educational programs. They may represent their institution in the media, at public events, and at professional events. ////

Most moderators are there to keep things under control, hand out warnings and ban hammers and enforce the rules.

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Going about the role with that mindset is the right way to go. With an excitement and passion for the category - wanting to nurture it, see it thrive, and help connect with others. Not just to put out fires.

And I also like the idea of limiting the amount of categories you can submit to so people don’t abuse the system.

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I’d love to see the people in the curators role giving positive feedback and advice. Great job, here’s something you might consider.

I’m on an animation discord, and I’ve gotten more positive feedback, critique, and encouragement than I ever expected when I first joined. That’s what I would hope to see from the curators on channels.


i’ve always had this thought of bytes being allowed to be put in up to 2 or 3 channels, for the sole purpose of when it genuinely fits in more than 1 channel and you have no idea which one to choose

extra moderation would of course have to take place, but it would be really nice to have the ability and option for it👌🏼


There should be the option to put your bytes in more than one channel if your byte is suitable for that other channel as opposed to the one you would initially intend to put your byte in anyway.
I’ve not seen anyone bringing this up in the past and it’s really stressing me out that I can’t put my bytes in other channels as well as the channel I want to put my byte in as they could be suitable for other channels as well.

Like for instance e.g if an alt user was posting a byte, obviously they would put that in the /alt channel. BUT… what if that user is also lgbtq+, surely they want to put their byte in the /lgbtq+ channel, this puts the user in a moral dilemma between /alt or /lgbtq+.

Another example, if a user was posting a byte of their pet, they would put it in one of the following pet channels. BUT… what if it featured more than one animal, say this byte featured a cat, dog or bird, again putting the user in another moral dilemma in choosing one of the following pet channels.

This was the BIGGEST issue with byte users with pets in their videos as back then there was a place to post vids of their pets regardless of species, but since the /cats and /dogs channels came to be, there was a huge division among users not to mention leaving out those whose pets that weren’t as such of cats or dogs.

Similar to the hashtag limit, the limit for number of channels to put our bytes in should be about 3. This is the perfect limit so that the byte that are being posted stays relevant to the channel rules and the content being presented.

This is such an underrated issue that should be addressed to the team ASAP, as much I like people making specific content, I think there are videos on here that can be in more than one place that would also help other users to appeal to multiple fanbases both in and out of the app.


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This was addressed several times by the team when we asked for this feature in the past.

The explanation was that, if allowed to have their videos in more than one place at once -thus having more chances of featuring and being seen- people would just put their videos in as many categories as possible, and use the most popular ones even if it didn’t fit the content.

And I 100% believe this would happen. I mean, just look at the state of hashtags and channels now. Most of the time it’s useless to browse them, since the content is not relevant to the channel/hashtag. We have people just trying to chase exposure without regard for it.


I think we should get rid of both channels and hashtags at this point and replace them with user curated playlists akin to Spotify


But the thing is, they won’t (at all). I mentioned the channel limit for a reason, it would be impossible for someone to take advantage of putting bytes in every channel because as I mentioned, 3 channels max is the perfect limit to make sure that content that is being posted stays relevant to the channel rules.

And also if the byte was in an irrelevant channel but it was suitable for the other 2, that byte would’ve been taken off that irrelevant channel anyway as it breaks the “channel rules”.

And finally, hashtags are the least of our problems, they don’t mean anything anyway, they’re only used for the purpose of promoting bytes to a broader audience, (I’ve done this myself many times so I don’t blame them whatsoever)

When I proposed this in the closed beta, the answer was precisely that people did it all the time on Vine. People would apparently just place their videos on the 3 most popular categories, regardless of content.

For this to be the reality, there needs to be moderation. Right now there seems to be none. I also think having the option of multiple categories would be nice, but only if used/controled properly. I honestly don’t see that happening.

Well… no? That’s how people USE them, not what they are for. If I wanted to look for specifically niche content, as a watcher alone and not a content creator (which is what the app should be optimized for. You need more watchers than creators) hashtags are the way to find content.

For example, the hashtag “black byte” happened. If I wanted to follow more black creators, and I go into it and find a bunch of white people, how do you think that affects my experience as a consumer?

Right now, the hashtags on byte are “Roomtour”, “fashioninspo” “astrologyroast” “goth”. I would be SUPER interested in all of them. But I go into the hashtags for literally 1 minute and I feel like closing the app, since I can’t find any of that content. And, since people won’t change their hashtags later (even if they could), in the future those same tags are still useless. A month from now I could be interested in seeing Goth content, only to find the hashtag full of unrelated things.

So basically what I’m trying to get at is: without moderation, none of these things are good ideas.
I personally don’t like the idea that @CubeOfCheese mentioned because I like channels and hashtags in theory. But I agree that at this point, and how the app is right now, it would be much better.


Ngl, vine didn’t do a great job with moderating on their part (no offence to anyone that work on vine lot of luv :heart:)

Just because that isn’t happening now, doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame anyone who suggested on calling out on channel moderation for losing its chill (I understand that got intense) but I think the amount of moderation that was relaxed and the announcement of tiktoks ban, responsible for the migration of alts to join us was at an inconvenient timing :crying_cat_face: honestly, I’ve never been so disappointed by something that I 100% agree with (no meme intended) (and also don’t quote me on that)) (ok you can quote me, just not on this disclaimer)))

That’s exactly the point I’m making, you could never go for a minute on that hashtag, expecting the videos there to be exactly as the hashtag suggests because like you said you can’t find any RELEVANT content on said hashtag.

Again, that is exactly the point.

fr, couldn’t agree more :pensive:

Again, strongly agree with that statement, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, the channels here are a strong point in byte, it gives content diversity across the platform, attracting various fanbases. But yeah, if we mess with anything now especially the features that made byte stand out to attract said audiences since day one, that would be a risky move to compromise.

I mean, it seems like we agree. I’m really hoping some moderation comes back.

I know I shouldn’t compare a small platform like Byte used to be to a massive platform like tiktok, but hashtags USED to be interesting and useful. Like, when Bytefighter was a thing, and it was a featured hashtag, it was mostly if not entirely made up of Bytefighter videos. Every hashtag I can think of before the tiktok migration was, you know… used properly? (At least for the most part)

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