Multiple accounts/easy switching

I totally agree with this, but that would be very hard to control and monitor

Oh yeah definitely impossible. You could just sign in/out or use multiple devices.

Why would you have to control/monitor them?
I get it would remove spam but it’s not a big deal for someone to run two accounts…

Of course, under normal circumstances, it would be unnecessary, but I’m considering the rare occasions when people would try to exploit some kind of system using that method. As of now, we don’t know enough about the app to really consider scenarios, but problems always exist. One example is people creating accounts that go against ToS and creating multiple with different SEO terms to prevent themselves from getting banned.

As with everything good, there will always be someone to ruin it. :neutral_face:
I think everyone on here can agree that finding the perfect blend of restrictions to limit account spamming, trolling, and other notorious internet garbage will be very, very tough.

Maybe we could have all of their accounts linked?

For example, lets say that I have “explore” and “ilovev2”. Under my account on “explore” it would say “This user is also known as ilovev2.” Just an idea, I don’t know.

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I think that’s a great idea! Another option would be that the accounts
don’t have visible affiliation but they would be registered together for
the server database to know.

I hope they have it cause I’m going to have my personal v2 account and a v2 account that my friend and I will share to post content on

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I actually like this idea. Similar to how YouTubers have second channels for different topics or types of videos.


I use this feature on IG all the time to switch between my personal account and my (don’t laugh at me) dogs’ account. I really hope they include this feature in v2! (or at least in a later update :wink: )

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I remember having two accounts (back when it was popular) and it being a pain to switch between them.

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Kind of an old topic, but I like the idea to switch easily between accounts. Like instagram, on the main profile page to click on the name to be able to select which account you are using.

I support this.


I definitely think it should be made convenient to switch. Along this same vein, we should be able to make multiple accounts with a single email address! Reddit does this well by asking you to sign in with your username and password specifically rather than username or email. I’m definitely planning on having multiple accounts so it would be very handy to only need my one email

If the team feature is still going to be a thing, then yes, easy switching between accounts will be essential

I hope this ends up being a feature

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Bumped to make this relevant again


Love the idea of easy switching. Sides accounts were so much fun on vine

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I need this

Marketers really NEED this.

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