Multi-platforming V2

When Vine started to get traction my phone wasn’t sub-par for it(no iPhone and bad android phone, I was poor), later I got a better phone but vine died that month. :sweat: And since then I manage to loose that cool phone, and I’m back to one that is below-average for a content creator. I’m sure a lot of people out there don’t have phones with great cameras but maybe they have a better Logitech webcam or a dslr camera which they bought for YouTube. Wouldn’t it be great if you could upload V2 videos from a browser? It let’s you edit your V2 vids easier and there wouldn’t be a need to emulate a phone on bluestacks(if you ever did that). My main issue with vine was the fact that I could create an account on the website and browse for vines but I couldn’t upload stuff from a browser :expressionless:. If anything I find it a little baffling that it wasn’t a feature. So adding it would be a great improvement imo. Did you have any issues like that?


I very much agree, and I believe that should be implemented. There is quite a bit of buzz around the topic already, and a lot of creators (myself included) would love to have V2 videos be uploaded from a browser. Hope to see this implemented!

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