Mr. Stark... I don’t feel so good

heyo community. long time no talk. ignore my cringeworthy title, lol.

i’m writing this at almost 4AM my time because it’s been on my mind for quite some time now and I feel like it’s time to get it off my chest.

the byte community has grown; a lot, a lot more than I would have anticipated this short after a full launch. and even more so, it’s changed. when I joined back in January of 2018, it was a very small and intimate community, just about everyone knew everyone, and it was incredible. fast forward an couple months through the roller-coaster of emotions that was summer of 2018, and we’re in October, and I made the discord server. never did I think that I would own a discord server of its magnitude, or bear the responsibilities that came with it as it grew. as time went on and the server allowed more connection, more community, more interaction, I felt myself slipping away from it. I tried hard to make it into the place I wanted it to be, but never fully succeeded. I’m still not sure if it was because I took the responsibility, because I bit off more than I could chew, the decisions I made, or because I lost interest, but it doesn’t matter. I’m still happy because of every single person who took part in it, who made it what it is, and all the friends I made in the process.

i didn’t want to make this all sad and dreary, but it is after all 4AM, rainy, and cold. anyway, I’ve felt myself go back and forth with the community for far too long at this point. I’ve tried to stay involved by occasionally talking in the server, browsing the forums, chatting with the mods, and even applying for jobs at byte (lol); with no true success. long story short, I’d like to step down as a forum moderator.

with that being said, heres some of my shout outs and thank-you’s. (I sincerely apologize if I forget you in advance)

to the current forum mods: not really where to start here lol, but thank you. you guys are truly a team, and a very good one. your decision making skills are top tier, and so is your dedication. I’m proud of all of you guys and I hope you all can pass the torch onto the next generation of us. oh and thanks again for dealing with me LMAO (not gonna ping all of y’all because I know you’re active) but I will ping @ryanmccarley :wink:

to my og mods: if you guys even look at this anymore, thank you. i’m extremely happy that we all were able to work so well together, and we had a great team to follow in our footsteps that we so deeply embellished in the forums. and thank you for letting me guide you guys whenever possible. @arf @annam

to the discord server staff: we’ve all for sure been through some tough times together, and I apologize for some of the decisions I made along the way. I’m proud of what you guys did for me, and more-so for the community. thank you. (too many of y’all to ping, you know who you are.)

to @dylan : easily the person I considered my best friend in the community. this guy has been by my side for the entire thing, and has always helped me through the tough decisions. thank you for your time, your passion, your respect, and your friendship. I hope for nothing but success in your future.

to @ash : my second closest friend in the community, and the only one I ever actually met in person lol. I’m sorry I dumped the responsibility of the server in your hands, it wasn’t fair, nor just. but I’m glad you had the opportunity to make it yours as much as I made it mine. you deserve more credit for the groundwork of the community. thank you for being a good friend.

to the various friends I’ve made along the way: some of you guys may not be active in the community, or even ban from the discord, but you all helped shape it as much as I did. thank you.

and the last few but certainly not the least,

to the byte team: I may not have interacted with every single one of you, but your actions were not unnoticed in my eyes. you guys worked diligently to bring the app to fruition, and everyone would not be here if it wasn’t for you all. thank you.

to @Ren: many of you guys probably don’t know this, but Ren and I used to chat a little a bit. I often went to them for guidance or advice, and they were always there; not only as a mentor/ life coach, but as a friend or just casual chat buddy. we might not have known each other for too long, but your help and acceptance was very impactful on me. thank you for always being there, and working so damn hard for the community and app.

to @cami_p (m): community liaison camilla pebbleton was along my side and along all other mods for our entire journey; speaking candidly, giving advice, helping, and just being a fun liaison. I am so incredibly thankful for meeting you and being able to learn so much. thank you for letting the moderators roam free, figure out how to do use our noggin’s and help build this community. you are a great boss, and an even better friend. thank you for trusting me for so long.

speaking of trust, thank you to mr @dom hofmann: who took the chance on me to be the first tl3 on the forum, part of the first generation of moderators, and let me operate the primary discord server of the community. we haven’t talked in quite some time, but I know you’re still very much involved and working your ass off. you’ve assembled a great team of individuals around you, and I can’t imagine any one better to lead this app and community. thank you again for the opportunities and endowment through the couple years, wish I could’ve done more! oh and good luck with the future of the app and company.

anyway, thats my whole deal.

thanks again everyone. you’re all great.



Pleasure being a mod with you! Sad to see you go but I understand! Best of luck in the future


Best of luck Kaden! I won’t forget us og forum members or the mods and the community that was built here


i have so much love for you kaden. the memories from the beginning of byte, when it was still a little community, are ones i will cherish always. you let me be part of something so amazing when you welcomed me on to the discord team. i’ve made so many friends & life changing decisions along the way because of the impact byte had. you’re part of what made that happen.

it’s actually funny that you posted this when you did… i JUST watched the video on dylan’s channel where we’re all in vc & you’re thanos lol. back when i was on the server daily, talking to the people i love the most. i really miss those days.

i remember the night you found out you got mod. we were all on vc & you were SO excited (not like any of us were surprised). it was such a fun experience to share with you, the first byte forum moderator. the only reason i’m a little sad is because this is, yet another, closed chapter. but i am so happy for you, finding your way in life.

pls reach out, love you always :heart:

now go get some panera.


It’s never good news to see someone go but hopefully you succeed in whatever the next thing you put your mind on!


yeehaw mr.kaden
( i wanted to say something more sentimental but couldn’t think of anything)


I can’t deal rn. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

You’re a good kid Kaden and smart too. You’ve always tried to go the way of reason and even-handedness. It’s been an absolute pleasure chatting with ya. Very sad to know you won’t be part of the mod team anymore but I hope you’ll continue to check in and you’re always welcome to send me memes :slight_smile:

Best of luck to ya kid! Now you can rest


I don’t really know you but I’ve seen you around (of course). Thanks for all the work you put into helping build this community, hope you find purpose and joy in all your future endeavors. :slight_smile:


love u kaden i wish u the best of luck, i rly hope to see u still hanging around. made some great memories with you. onto the next chapter


I honestly have nothing, but good things to say. You’re a standup dude, and always kept the same energy (with me, at least). No fluff, no bs. Glad I got to mod with you for the short time I did.


magicalvlogger sends his goodbye, as well as appologies :hearts: :((


I don’t know where to start. Ever since I joined the forums back in January of 2018 I was always following in your footsteps. You were the first person I ever interacted with on the forums and I’ll never forget all the memories we’ve had. From making google sheets of all the users who signed up for beta on the forums to handling thousands of users on both the forum and discord during release night. I’ve always looked up to you, it’s been a wild ride and you’ve been a great mod. Love ya!

We’ll talk soon


Thanks for all the work and heart you put into the byte community. even though we barely interacted with each other during most my time being active on the forum/discord I hope you know how much you were appreciated. And best of luck on all your future endeavors! :smile:


well… where to start.

Maybe here. You were the second person to ever reply to me on the forums. It honestly felt like an honor - I’d watched you for over a month knowing you were one of the most active people here before I decided to make an account. You and @jennifer. My reply above in that thread was to someone else, but it was really supposed to be meant for you. I was hoping you would reply first. You were the “legend” on this place, Mr. “First Community-picked TL3” kaden. It’s crazy how someone who once felt so far way and out of reach, I got to know, joke with, work with, and after everything, have some memories with. Even if there were plenty of tough times too.

Thanks for everything you’ve brought to the community. Thanks for giving me this experience. I’ve been putting off a reply for nearly a full day because I didn’t think I could muster the right memories or words, but I figured I should say something rather than nothing. I have a tendency to procrastinate like that.

All of my first screenshots off the discord were of you just saying random stuff so I could use it out of context (JOKINGLY) later, for instance:


Fun stuff like that, right?

I remember texting you at like, 2 AM when I was in Baltimore and telling you I went to a crab place. That was a good night, just reconnecting and stuff. A nice night to look back on.

It’s been fun. Thank you. I hope I can talk to you soon, and I also hope I can do something that will make you proud to have known me for these past few years. Hope we can joke more and you can mute me on another discord server, or I can edit another picture of you without a nose, kadenoseall or something like that. Sorry I couldn’t make a better goodbye message haha. Thanks for being here and trying this whole byte thing out. You made a difference.

thanks, @kaden.


love you arf. thank you

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Im not crying its just dust