Moving to different apps - Is v2 Over?

Firstly, I’d like to say that moving to other apps doesn’t make you impatient or ‘in it for the money’. Moving to different apps is the smartest move for anyone who is looking to make entertaining their full time career. I’d also like to add, the majority of people who are popular on social media are in it for the money. If nobody was, then your favourite youtubers wouldn’t do sponsored posts, your favourite instagram stars wouldn’t need to do #ad posts every week, youtubers wouldn’t need to monetize their videos, and most importantly, v2 wouldn’t need a monetization system (which was one of the big causes of vine’s downfall). If you’re moving to another platform (instgram, oevo, musically, youtube, facebook, etc…), then you’re being smart.

Now for my personal thoughts and opinions. I hate to say it, however I’m pretty sure that v2 is completely gone and won’t be coming back for at least 1 and a half years - 2 years (Once again, just a thought from what I’ve seen). Funding for a huge app could take ages to get. Here is why I think v2 will probably be a thing of the past:

  • I feel like Dom said that the app is being ‘postponed’ so there isn’t as much backlash from the announcement. If a developer says that an app is being ‘postponed’, it’s recieved a lot better than them saying that an app is ‘shutting down’. Right now, Dom has deleted everything from the official v2 twitter account. I understand that he may be getting notifications, however he could just log out of that account/ignore the notifications. If anything, he’d make a tweet saying ‘Project being postponed’ or something.

My official theory is this:

Dom didn’t want there to be too much backlash, so instead of saying the app has shut down, he’s saying it will be ‘postponed’, however what will really happen is, he won’t talk about v2 at all, won’t make anymore tweets about the app, ignore all messages/comments he gets about the app, etc… In the hopes that the ‘buzz’ for the app will die down, and everyone will forget about it, rather than him having to make a ‘Project failed’ post. Also for his work as a developer, Dom developed Vine, and v2. If he were to announce that v2 has shut down, that wouldn’t look very good on him as a developer. Even if twitter did buy vine, Dom still somewhat developed it. If people hear that Dom has shut v2 down, people will look at it as ‘So he’s created two apps that have shut down… he isn’t very reliable…’ (Not saying he isn’t reliable, saying that loads of people will see it this way). People won’t take his future projects seriously. And let’s remember, I’m pretty sure that Dom’s career is in Programming, so having your name tarnished like that as a developer isn’t a good thing.
What I’m saying is, either v2 has shut down completely and he is hoping that all hype around the app died and everyone will forget about it, or it is being postponed for at least a year.

My thoughts on people who are waiting for v2 to become a thing again, realize that something being ‘postponed’ could be anywhere from a month, to 5 years. If you were serious about getting your name out there on social media, you’d move to another app. Waiting for v2 and refusing to use other apps doesn’t show ‘loyalty’, especially when Dom has promoted the other apps within his post.

I was so excited for v2, however as someone who wants to get their name out there, the smartest possible move to make is to go to another app/platform rather than sitting around waiting for an app that could be released in 5 years.

Thoughts and Opinions?


I don’t think V2 is over. Like he said, he’s short on money. It cost A LOT of money to make an app like this. And if he gets that money, there would be no reason for him to shut down the creation of V2.

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there’s always twitter and instagram, youtube too i guess.

my suggestion is to start engagement groups for these other apps, group chats and such that way everyone can follow each other and still build a following to get to where they’re trying to be. it’s worth a shot if you still want your chance to garner a following and make a living off of social media. i’m up for anything.

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Like I said, funding could take ages to get. An investor isn’t going to invest a ton of money into an app just because they see that some people on the forums wants them to. Funding for this many people (and this is based on forum numbers alone) could cost a fortune. I’m pretty sure most people think that when dom says ‘Funding’, he means a few bucks or something. That isn’t the case. Dom isn’t a millionaire, he is some average joe like most of us. Funding issues doesn’t mean that it’s easy for an app to come back, if anything, funding issues is the worst possible thing to happen to an app being developed, other than the developer losing faith of course.

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Yeah I agree. He really needs to start a gofund me! If 50k people donate $1, he would have $50k which should be enough for him to continue the app!

He should set up a go fund me!

Yeah, that would help him, but I’m also in denial of him doing that since it will tie into my theory of him shutting the app down completely and waiting for the hype to die down. I mean, I really hope that isn’t the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised. It wouldn’t look good for a developer to have two failed apps under their belt.

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However he seems to have given it all up in my opinion, he’s promoting other apps, he’s basically saying sorry guys but theres nothing we can do here so enjoy what you can. He’s trying to protect himself as well and he has the right to do so. However desperate people are gonna end up waiting around for a LONG ASS time for v2 to drop. The truth is it was over as soon as he told us to support the other apps…

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i mean you’re not wrong to think that, but tbh i don’t understand why he would announce a follow-up app if he wasn’t 100% sure he’d be able to pull it off, then have so many people wait 2 months just for him to pretty much cancel it.

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I don’t like to think vine failed. It was just shut down by Twitter. He made a lot of money from that app so it wasn’t a failiure.

I completely agree. Him promoting the other apps pretty much was a huge hint to me that he’s completely done with the project.


Its basic common sense I don’t see why a lot of people cant see it this way lol

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It’s called having hope. I still believe the app is coming. He is delaying the release. He’s not completely shutting it down…

Vine didn’t make any money whatsoever, that was why it shut down. There was no monetization and no ‘pay for special rewards’. The creators all left the app due to them not getting paid. Twitter shut vine down because it was losing them money. The only people who were working on vine near the end weren’t getting paid, they were doing it more as a hobby.

i get you wanna have hope, but there’s also being realistic, and to be honest, it’s probably just not going to happen.

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I’m talking about when twitter bought vine. He made some c a s h from that. So therefore, the app made him money.

And soon DANGER, stay tuned…

That isn’t enough money. They bought vine as soon as it came out. They bought it for 30 million dollars, which is a lot I will admit. However if dom has said that the app is postponed for ‘lack of funding’, then he’s either spent all the money or he doesn’t have faith in himself that the app will be successful. Let’s not forget that the $30 million had to be split between a bunch of people working for the app.

If anything, you saying that Dom made a ton of money from Vine shows that he’s completely given up on the app. If he made a ton of money, then he wouldn’t have postponed it for ‘funding’ issues.

And I’d like to add, making money from selling an app isn’t too viable. As someone who is creating an app, you need passive income. After that app sale, Dom wasn’t making anymore money from big projects like vine, since he sold it. If he had added a monetization feature to it, he’d be making passive money, and possibly would have passed the amount of money Twitter bought the app for, heck, vine could’ve still been popping to this day if they had a monetization feature that would’ve kept their creators on the app.


How are you so sure it’s going to never release? I don’t know why you’re so down. Have some hope every once and a while. It’s pretty nice…

I think what we’re saying is flying over your head. We’re looking at the facts.

  1. Funding could take ages. If Dom made a ton of money from Vine like you said he did, funding wouldn’t be an issue.

  2. He’s promoting other photo/video apps. A developer working on their own photo/video app wouldn’t be promoting other apps, especially ones that have tried to get v2 to not work for ages.

P.S: we aren’t saying that the app will never be a thing.

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