Moving From MD to TX

So my family’s part of the military, which means every 3 years or so we have to move somewhere new. It kinda sucks but it’s kinda exciting as well.

This time around we’re driving all the way to El Paso Texas :cowboy_hat_face: from basically Washington DC…:man_facepalming:

I’ve had 9 Red Bull’s in the past 3 days, I think I need help :skull:

We made it to Arkansas today and we’re gonna try to get to the border of TX at the end of the day. El Paso sounds depressing, but fort bliss (the army base there) is the biggest base in all of the military, rivaling all bases overseas as well. :muscle:

I have a long way to go and lots of free time, any memes or things I can react to? Please? Suicidarse toastaro bañarse? :sleepy:


(P.S. the yellow red bull is the best one change my mind I’ve had all of them)


I am in the same position. Waiting to see where I’m going next :grimacing: Are y’all an army fam?

that’s a meme I like and I don’t have anything for you to really react to lol on your trip. If you have Netflix tho, I highly recommend Stranger Things!!


Good luck man! It must be weird, but ik you can pull through it. have fun most of all : p


Enjoy Texas!


enjoy Texas dude! and btw. el paso isnt depressing haha. its a really cool city and theres tons of stuff to do there!


9 red bulls in 3 days?
sorry to be a buzz kill but you should really cut down on those for your own health. there is way too much caffeine in them which will lead to cardiac arrest/heart attack. it’s happened a lot and people have died.


Wait, you’re going to live in El Paso???


El Paso isn’t that bad as it sounds. I’ve been there only once (even though I live in Texas) but I found it quite amazing.


I actually live there, and it really isn’t that bad. Compared to the other big Texas cities, it’s not as great, but it does have a lot to do, and a lot of nice people!

Also, do you know what side of town you guys are going to live? @InfamousKlip (west side is better tbh)


have fun in texas! stay safe & don’t OD on caffeine :rofl:


Well be on fort bliss but idk exactly where

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Yea army :crazy_face::v:

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