Movie Reviews Of Movies Ive Seen Jan-March

So I like watching movies. I also like talking about them. So yeah here we go. Some will be from late December too by the way.

The Disaster Artist - 90%

This movie is… I’m not sure how to explain it more then a beautiful disaster. If you watched ‘the room’ and would love to learn more, you would enjoy this. It goes through how it was made in a very comedic and accurate way, and also James Franco might have done the best job ever as Tommy Wiseau. I was extremely impressed, and I loved every second of it. I have nothing really bad to say, just a lot of love. This is a must watch.

Despicable 3 - 30%
I mean I guess it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve watched. Did I wanna turn it off the whole time? Yes. Did I wish the minions would die when they were finally sent off? Definitely. I mean the animation always looks good but everything is so bland and boring. The finding the unicorn part was honestly the only funny and cool part to me if I’m being honest. But other than that, it’s a boring movie.

The Death Of Stalin - 95%
I’m a history lover and a history geek. I never heard about this movie because it didn’t cause a big ruckus, but holy hell this is a golden gem for dark comedy and especially if you love history. Even if you don’t, it’s great. It’s basically the story about how after stalin died all of his right hand men trying to stab eachother in the back while helping eachother. It’s beautiful, the movie is funny and dark and extremely amazing. I definitely recommend this if you wanna hear lines like
“Why is everyone here treating me like they wanna fuck my sister?”

Paddington 2 - 100%
How can I describe this movie? CUUUUUUUUTE! Absolutely hilarious and absolutely cute, beautiful, insanely great story, I love it so much. This movie has broken the record for being 100% on rotten tomatoes for the longest time and it deserves it. Please check it out if you haven’t!

Wonder - 70%
Am I an asshole for not giving this movie a 100%? Maybe. I mean I thought it was very touching but at the same time there were some things wrong with it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, just not as much as other movies I’ve seen that are like that. If you wanna cry, go ahead and watch it.

Birdbox - 55%
There’s a problem when people overhype a movie that isn’t really that good: it lowers expectations. Twitter was in love with this so I had to see it of course, and, yeahhhh its just a quiet place but with seeing. The concept is interesting but I can’t wait for when they make a movie where you can’t smell so they cut off your nose. That will be interesting too I guess if I haven’t seen it ALREADY.

Mary Poppins Returns - 95%
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA is my only reaction because I can’t get enough of this. Emily Blunt is a great mary poppins, the characters are so likable, Lin Manuel made the movie like it was a beautiful play and I couldn’t get enough. Made me feel like I was 6 again and I love it. Please see this when you can!

Spider Man Into The Spiderverse - 85%
The animation is beautiful and the story is too. I enjoyed it so much , and it truly was a touching movie while being extremely badass and fun. The soundtrack is insane in this too! Probably the best I’ve heard since the greatest showman. Everyone’s probably seen it but if you haven’t, give it a go!

Lego Movie 2 - 90%

I always wonder why Lego has always had a sense of humor above everyone else’s. Like I’ve always found myself dying at more than one scene, and no other movies really make me do that that is an animated movie. And this story is great too, and I absolutely love it. The villain is great too, I can’t get enough of it. Sure it’s slow in the first 20 minutes but it really gets good down the road and it almost made me cry. Please check it out when you can!!

How To Train Your Dragon 3 - 95%
Gosh I cried. This is the best series ever and the best way to cap off a series too. And it is extremely beautiful and everything is great… the only problem for me is the villain. He seems bland. But the story and atmosphere really makes it great in my eyes. Please check it out if you can, you’ll love it too.

That’s about it for now, I’ll add some more to this list if I see anymore movies, and I definitely will! Thanks for reading if you did :slight_smile:


Death of Stalin was excellent. I just love the dry humor in it.

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i still needa watch Paddington 2. i loved the first one!

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:joy: this is one of the genuine times im using this emoji cuz that was pretty hilarious :joy:

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