Most overrated youtuber

I was talking to a couple of friends about which youtubers they like, and we got onto the topic of who’s overrated.

So who do you people think is/are the most overrated?


u xx

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I said overrated not underrated but thank you x


Even though Lele Pons is hated by many I think that she’s still overrated.

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interesting topic
/also very salvage of you daniel

don’t hate me

but what does gabbie hanna do? Idk but atm she doesn’t seem to get all of the cred she deserves… i could be wrong bc i still don’t know too much about her, but she’s just kinda meh right now.

oh and x

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i think emma chamberlain is pretty overrated but is still like her tho

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she definitely is


i dont actually know apart from she was in david dobriks vlogs…


not really sure who she is but ive seen a lot of people talk about her


Pewdiepie :roll_eyes:


sure, he even says himself he never wanted to be top!


i don’t buy it dude, not after the #SubscribeToPewdiepie movement & bitch lasagna


what don’t you buy? he’s said for years he didnt want to be at the top, whats happening now isn’t really to keep him top, its just so the other channel doesnt take over is all!


ah yes, because it’s so awful that an indian channel on youtube would have the most subscribers and thus “taking over”

It’s a company, he’s a youtuber

Like him or not an actual person should be at the top.


it’s a company that doesn’t actually earn most of the subscribers they gain, if you’ve ever looked at their channel hardly any of their videos actually get over a million views despite having 75+ million subs


i don’t know how to explain to you that subscribing to a neo nazi won’t fix the problem
edit: y’all are annoying, i muted this thread :woman_shrugging:

ah that explains it…


suddenly it all makes sense

dude, that be just a jokekekeke.

also, even if you look back to his older videos, he said he was just grateful to have like 2500 subs.

as time went on he never flexed or anything, and just kept true to what he wanted to do, even if he felt pressured by yt (i.e 2015 when he was making content he didn’t really want to make).

he even dropped out of college solely because he hated it, leaving a gateway for an unstable future, and then decided to do youtube for fun(just saying he didn’t drop out to do youtube, but that’s what he really wanted to do after he left college)(call that stupid if you will)

He stands up against youtube itself (which may sound nobler than it is), but that obviously can hurt his chance of getting monetized or recommended, which is the main way youtubers make money.

he’s made videos no one’s asked him to make, just ones he wanted to. Here are two vids which is just him doing what he wants/thinks is right, and it’s not harming anyone in the slightest.

The media mainly slanders him because they can make a quick profit out of him. That by no means makes him perfect or invulnerable to all criticism, but he’s isn’t nearly as close to being as bad as news outlets make him look.

sorry if this is forceful, but like i really think it’s important that people at least see this stuff. okey then

(p.s. - he took down his og video adressing the wall street journal incident, and I can’t find a full upload. but it really helped explain the situation from an important perspective)