Most embarrassing moment of your life

That’s my first one!

So my most embarrassing moment was in high school. We had a swimming competition and before jumping I was super excited…went crazy when they called my name and stuff…that was definitely a big distraction cause I forgot to tie my trunks lol.

I Jumped and lost my trunks, flashed my butt to the whole school and got last place (by far) cause I was swimming with one arm lol while the other one was covering the rest of my body haha. Thinking now, I should just say f*** it and swim totally naked lol.

So…what’s your most embarrassing moment?

(Sorry if I wrote anything wrong…English is not my native language!!).


Either my first kiss cause it was like 2 feet infront of my math teacher and the guy who kissed me’s gf was also in that class

Anytime i trip in public because no matter how many times you trip you always remember it… :tear:


Age of 12 - 13. I got caught stealing from my close friend store and caught on camera but I kept denying it :sweat_smile: Dad friend pulled up the recording :joy::joy:

I didn’t get in trouble but…


That’s hilarious lol

Yeah, my first kiss would probably be a top 5 in my list…but your experience was something else for sure!!


I busted all of my top 4 baby teeth out when I was 6 in front of some friends that didnt go to the same school as me. That was spring break. It hurt alot. There was blood everywhere.

Well going back to school I was an old person joke and had to take spring pictures … and this lasted till the winter the same year. So I was teased alot up until then. So it was pretty embarrassing.


It’s funny now cause I’m thinking about how many of them can say they have had the experience to feel what it’s like to get their teeth knocked out on concrete stairs.


Hahah I can only imagine your face when the tape came up lol


Dude hah that sounds so painful :sob:

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Good question. I don’t really get embarrassed easily.

However if I have to think of something it might be my prom date as a senior in high school. I asked her to go and she said yes. I had a crush on her but that night she decided to try acid for the first time. She avoided me the entire night and I barely saw her and we left immediately after the food. We went to the after party and she got picked up from a friend and left lol

I guess she wasn’t in to me like I thought she was :man_shrugging:t2:

We never spoke again Hahahaha


Man! What a night to try acid for the first time lol You shouldn’t be embarrassed tho…it was her choice :man_facepalming:


I’m embarrassed that I thought she was in to me lmao


All of mine are gross and I will not put you through that. :woozy_face::face_vomiting::rofl:

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:joy: :joy: I just had one now :man_facepalming:t2:


I have a couple but they not exactly pg or pg-13 lmao so I don’t think I should participate :joy: