🔁 More versatile looping features?

I’ve seen some threads mentioning Instagram’s Boomerang and that made me think of how limited the looping features are for videos on a lot of platforms, and I wanted to make a thread where people could brainstorm creative (and feasible to implement) features that v2 could have at some point in the future. I’ll start:

What if a video had a short introduction before it started looping? i.e. you could select when a video would start looping instead of the whole video.

Similarly, what if you could choose how many times a video would loop before the ending section of a video played? An outro before the video starts looping again.

Looping features could be special to v2, and bring a lot of creative editing and ideas to the table.

What do y’all think?

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I like the option to choose how many times a post can loop, but I feel like a maximum would be needed if users are manipulating loops for better metrics


Yeah lol, can you imagine “watch this 10000 times to see the secret at the end” videos


Hahaha, 3 or 5 loops are enough for me (unless I’m dying of laughter)

On a more serious note, I’m not sure when an auto-loop feature would be appropriate (somethong I thought YouTube kinda does well)

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There wouldn’t be a point in having to pick a certain point of a video if it’s only 6.5 seconds long.

Also, that isn’t how the app is going to work. Looping is going to replay the video over again, so it’s impossible for anyone to do this ‘Watch 500 times to see the secret’.

I also don’t think there should be a maximum amount of looping a video. Maybe a max per day should be required for a certain video (can’t rewatch the exact same video 100 times in the same day, however this will reset the very next day).

I think an introduction feature might be pretty useful, especially for editors. I think it might be better to keep the app as simplistic and easy-to-use&follow, though, since more acceptability=more users.

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The idea is not bad. I’m not convinced but it’s not bad

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I definitely think it’s a cool idea, and could have some good applications, but I feel like this would be a bit complicated for them to implement into the app, y’know?
What if there was a function where you would have the app autoplay another loop right up against the end of another? (With a limit of one of course. Or maybe not? I’d rather not have people making full vlog posts on the app, but the versatility could be refreshing? Who knows) and so the video could be up to 13 seconds.
This could of course be best used if you made it look like the video had just restarted, but have it take a new direction :slight_smile:
Idk if this is good enough to be worth implementing either, but it sounds interesting to me XD
Maybe someone can improve upon it?

I agree with the short introduction option. But i like youtubes autoplay feature. Maybe you can have a tab so users have the option to Loop (autoplay) or the short introduction option.


I’d like to reactivate this thread, I think it’s a good idea to be able to have your byte go through once and then restart at a secondary point in the video and loop from there three to five times.

Or even the idea of separate segments being incorporated would be good.

Either way I think something like this should at least be considered.

Ill be honest … not a fun … keep it as it is that’s what made Vine special …