More trouble in paradise (Tiktok makes plan for shutdown)

Though “temporary” if byte is updated and ready it could steal a decent market share from Tiktok.


But is that enough tho?

It takes more than just manifesting the tiktok market share, we need to show everyone what byte is truly about, we need to show them the best of the best, do whatever we can to keep them on this app for as long as we can.

Even if tiktok does get shutdown in the US, people are just gonna leave again in a few weeks then the app will die down again with no other chances of getting an audience.

This is our last chance at luring new users onto byte, if we mess this up even the slightest regarding engagement, community or even the content being posted (even if it’s not us that are the problem), it’s game over (FOR GOOD!!)



Each day that passes I become slightly less interested in Byte. It seems they’ve abandoned everything & everyone who’s gotten them to this point in favor of appeasing the waves of TikTokers. Now that the TikTokers are gone, they’re left with less than what they had before. I’m assuming everyone at byte is praying for a TikTok ban- because what else is there to look forward to? A color customizer? What do you see as the ceiling for Byte coexisting along side TikTok? The next Vine? Or the next flop?

a genuinely concerned byter


@nikmet I’ve felt the same in the past, but I keep coming back to the idea Byte is constantly changing to better suit the users and that’s something tiktok can’t do.


We need a big change and we need it know. I’m very concerned about Byte. Hopefully they hear us.


Im also concerned about byte, we need more updates and new ways of algorithm in Byte. I love Byte just because it’s the new version of Vine, because it’s from the same creators and I Look forward to be a content creator, but I agree with you and I’m also concerned, The algorithm in Byte is Horrible, we need a Big App Change Know.
I Love Byte but this is getting out of hand, this app needs big changes.


I think Byte can not depend its success on Titkok’s ban at this point, we saw a major influx when the rumor started, and it gradually died out…

What the Byte Team is focusing on, in my opinion, is making the app great, that’s their priority, and when the app is at where it’s supposed to be, then I think they are gonna start marketing, what I fear is this marketing being done too late, after Shorts, Thriller, Reels, and other Apps making a move first…

I am staying positive and hopeful for Byte, I’m sure it will make a comeback!

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I love byte but comparing features between byte and TikTok. Byte is lackluster at best. If the team catches up with features and things to do in the app. Like an editor, filters, duets, etc there are various things that could happen. Tiktok ends and people come to byte. Or TikTok doesn’t end and byte grows organically. Or who knows.


and in the meantime I’m just waiting for updates but I think the byte team only brings news when tiktokers appear


@vtor That’s not fair, when the tiktokers arrived they pushed a bunch of updates that had been in development, almost of which were surface level. Right now they are working on a sophisticated algorithm, hopefully something smart enough to rival the tiktok algorithm.

Eeeehhh getting people to stay on the app isn’t our responsibility as users IMO. That’s the Byte teams job. Everyone is allowed to voice their concerns but there is nothing much we can do unless we receive direct communication of what the team wants from us. And as of right now all we can do is make content and watch patiently.


That’s ultimately where I’ve settled for my own mental health too. I will advocate for this app because I do love it, but I’m not going to singlehandedly boost the app with my self promotion and I’m not getting paid to, so I’m just going to post and wait. Helps me to feel less ignored too.


I’m glad the community is finally starting to realize we have no obligation to market the app. I still tell people about it and speak well of it and send people bytes but in a much more natural way now


I give 0.0% of fucks about TikTok and the constant comparisons, ect. are unproductive and unhealthy.

Does byte have problems? Sure. But it’s not a cesspool crawling with predators, or suppressing marginalized voices. It’s not a haven for ‘sameness.’

Do I have issues with the way byte is run? Of course. But it’s not an amorphous corporate blob of indifference, stamping its ugly flickering watermark over content I worked hard on…as if it owns it.

Tiktok is wal-mart. I don’t particularly enjoy going there, and I’m sure it’s bad for the world…but sometimes you gotta venture in for a few things. Byte is the ma and pa store down the street. It’s warm and comfortable. Has a little of everything and I always see someone I really like there, and smile when I leave.


That’s a great explanation


That’s explains why you’re called “Onkel” Chrispy, wise with words :joy_cat::joy_cat: