MORE than 6 Seconds or LESS?


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Bro 6 secs is perfect! It’s fun to enjoy the kinds of “art” in a short time


6 seconds is ideal because it was a perfected art in original vine. but if i have to choose, i’d like more. but let’s keep it short.


Only 6.5 seconds. That’s what made the app unique; along with the loops.


According to this Tweet, the 6 second time limit should stay… for now.


6.5 seconds DSFrEJtVQAA5HT8
dom photo in twitter


Check his response out


6 seconds is the perfect balance

Maybe 10 , but no more then ten seconds because the point of vine is to make short funny videos , if you want to make longer videos then that’s what YouTube is for, love YouTube, subscribe

So 6 should be fine!

Yeah Bruh 6 is fine

But can it be 7 seconds

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I think the standard video should be 6 seconds. but also maybe more popular creators should be able to post longer videos on occasion separate from the standard. Kind of like the Camp Unplug stuff

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6 seconds is perfect for the type of comedy people came to Vine for and will come to v2 for.

6 is fine guys chill

Yes it is perfection

I think it would be cool to have the option of 6 or 9 seconds. The 6 seconds to stick with the original, or the optional 9 seconds to really be able to get out those amazing ideas, without being forced to leave some out or cram it all in to just 6 seconds.


let’s keep it at 6 seconds, they’re much more better at that limit. even though we wanted more, that’s what vine wasn’t known for.

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I also think live-streaming would be an amazing feature to add. A way for vinners to connect with there fans would be an amazing addition.

Yeah, I’m with you on this. I’ve heard stories on how Vine was used by a lot of drama kids to do skits in a short amount of time and it taught them valuable stuff, so having a bit of variation in the timespace between those spots would be interesting to see.