More than 3 hashtags

Is it bad to use more than 3 hashtags? I’ve seen people use 5 and get like 300 likes so I’m not sure. What are the effects of using more than 3?


I hate using hashtags tbh. I really wish they could be hidden like on tumblr

Increases discover ability and reach, but doesn’t clutter up the actual byte.


What happens if you use more than 3

Well the team set a limit of three hashtags. Anything after will just not work I think but they did this to keep the captions from covering your content.


it would be cool if somehow it was hidden cause it makes the captions looks very crowded but that might just be me

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would you be able to chose if it’s hidden cause sometimes i use hashtags to go with the joke i’m making


i would hope so! maybe they could add like a tab saying “hidden” where you put hashtags at?


Yeah my last few posts I did the hashtags as part of the joke, so I get that.

But it shouldn’t be too hard to add the hidden tags tbh.

On the last screen, before you post, @dom & team could just add another entry for hashtags. Those would be hidden, but would still be searchable. I’m all for that, b/c I was anxious before trying to figure out which channel to post my stuff on, and now it’s even more so.

3 is good - I’m new to this so good to see this rather than the spammy 30 IG ones etc. Good to be authentic and enables users to really narrow down on specific target audiences.