More personality from your mix page

yes, we’re working on a not interested button. it got pushed back because of all the stuff that’s been happening but it’s still planned


Also…thought I add, for some reason I’m seeing waay too much of the same person too often on my mix page

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My mix page is filled (I perceive it to be like 70%) with like the same five people. I never expressed particular interest in these five people but there all very popular.
Sure, show me popular creators that I haven’t expressed interest in before, but don’t keep showing those same creators to me over and over again please.



“same” problem, after liking someone’s byte on my mix, the next 10/15 bytes are from the same person. That’s why I usually don’t like bytes (even though I would like to) just so I don’t need to go through 15 bytes that don’t interest me

That’s interesting. Whenever I like a new person’s byte, the byte two scrolls away is always another one of their bytes. I’ve never experienced what you’re talking about though. What I was talking about was without liking anything

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interesting idea

At this point I think I’m going to stop looking at your mix and mainly watch following because there’s just so much content that I don’t like in my mix.
Good luck on improving the algorithm byte team, I can’t wait for it

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