More personality from your mix page

I have a feeling this isn’t something that’s sitting on the side but I wanted to share some ideas on the your mix page and future improvements to it.

With the latest wave of byters who have come and gone, we’ve seen confusion over the idea of what a “your mix” page should include. People coming from somewhere like tiktok want it to work the same way as they are used to where it fits you into a very tiny box of people. Byte is way too small for something to work like that and I think there should be more bleeding from one group/category to another.

With that said, I don’t know the limitations of bytes mix algorithm, so I wanted to make suggestions to change its weighting of providing you content moving forward. In its current state the your mix page only likes to show a lot of popular stuff only, regardless of what you actually follow or subscribe. I would rather browse my following page 9/10 times.

I think if the your mix page prioritized what it shows you differently, it would be way more versatile and fun. So here are my suggestions for prioritizing and weighting what the your mix pages sends to you. Sorry if this is so long or my formatting sucks.

Baseline your mix: on day 1 what should your mix show you? On making an account, you should be asked to follow a minimum of 2 categories. The your mix page would pull videos that are popular now from those channels, a handful of new ones from the channels, and if possible it should be able to pull from “popular post between x date and y date”, so that it can pull posts up that are maybe a month old.

After you have some follows: once you have followed some people, your mix should migrate to showing you additional things in order from show often to show rarely
Popular in followed channel
Popular by person you follow
Older post on person you follow
Older post in channels followed
Posts by people who are followed by who you follow
New posts in channels followed

This page will still be pretty broad, but I think it will help people personalize it. The goal is to promote new content, promote old content (I want to see posts from April of people I followed today without scrolling their page) and possibly revive missed gems, and also keep the page interesting and fresh with mainstream stuff of the day/week.

If you made it this far thanks for reading. Let me know if your experience is similar with your mix page and what you would want more of on your mix page
New content


I have no idea how the My Mix algorithm works, but from my limited understanding of tech and stuff, this sounds like a great idea.

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Currently, I’ve been getting a lot of similar content through the hashtags, rooms, and people I follow. For example, I just followed Black Byte and saw an uptick on videos with the #BlackByte hashtag. After following @The_Ginger and @allintheory, I saw their new stuff when they post it. As a note, I do see other content too that dont necessarily follow the above criteria. I just see less of it the more I follow, rebyte, and join ppl.


(sorry to necro this thread)

I don’t get why I have people I follow in my mix tab, when they’re already in my following tab. and I don’t get why most of the videos on my mix are from channels that I don’t follow. I don’t get why there are other channels on my mix anyway, what’s the point of following channels if they don’t even have any priority in the mix?

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I believe the channels you follow do appear more in your mix but not by a lot. I think the idea of your mix is you could open the app and scroll and never have to go to any other part of the app, but still be able to see people you follow, channels you follow, and other things from everywhere else. It’s a mix


Is that the best way to do things? Maybe but seeing as how many people seem to dislike it. They do be working on improving it though


The mix could certainly be improved right now. Also there is currently no way to block or demote a channel. I don’t care about cottagecore or /trash and having this content I don’t enjoy dissuades me from going through my mix.


Yeah I get it. I agree. But I also think it has a purpose. I use it fairly often


I guess it would be different for everyone (THATS THE POINT RIGHT), but I get 0 mix from my mix page right now. I’m subscribed to 2 old channels only at the moment and my mix page is mostly showing me what’s popular, and since alt stuff gets about 4x engagement of anything else, it’s all alt.

I appreciate the discussion happening on my old thread but I guess To keep it short that my idea of a good mix page would change its algorithm up to make it looks more like…

  • popular/trending on followed topics
  • Pages that get likes from people you point follow
  • 5% Popular on pages you don’t subscribe
    -5% new posts on followed channels
    -10% “you may have missed”

My emphasis on these weighting’s is that It’s trying to feed you what you like, but every so often you’ll see something you’re not used to that you may like, or a post from someone starting out which is good but may have been buried.

My favorite part of my suggestion is reviving older content from people you follow that’s 60 days or older. Any content made in April or May will have gotten little exposure because so few people were on the app until the altpocalypse. Maybe one of your people you like had an old post in March that needs a rebyte but you weren’t going to dig in their old junk for it?

I know not everyone feels the same but I still like the potential some of these ideas have


I went on the “mix page” one hot summer day in early July.

It was foggy, but I could still see the downtown LA skyline. The aroma of freshly ground Colombian coffee beans filled the room. As I’m sitting down on a firetruck red chaise lounge, I think to myself What’s happening on Byte? Almost instinctively, my hands reach for the still-warm smartphone. Within seconds, bright colors were dancing across my eyes, like a peacock who had just won the lottery. As I sit back, I ponder: what did I just witness? Unsure of my feelings and the events that had just transpired, I vowed to never return.



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Just my personal experience :joy:

But I agree with what ppl have said above, it needs some work and there’s mad good ideas in here :raised_hands:

Yeah didn’t want to call out /alt but I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about about those edgy bytes, I just want to watch skateboarding videos and funny stuff

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I’m fairly new to byte and have never used tiktok, or vine, or anything like that. So I have no comparison points. But, I agree a lot with the OP here.

My mix page was useful immediately on joining, since I didn’t know what varieties of content were even on byte. Now, though, it’s almost entirely irrelevant to the content I’m trying to find, and is no longer useful. I don’t mind some things I wouldn’t have thought to look for, but at least some option of “show me more like this” or “show me less like this” would be great.

I’d also love a place where I could browse everything on channels I follow, and only those channels. As in, even if I’m following someone, if they post a video not in those channels I wouldn’t see it on the “followed channels” page. Obviously I can do this by going to each channel individually, and I do, but it would be great to surface more from them without thinking about it.

I especially like the idea of pulling in older content on occasion. I’m sure there are a lot of great bytes that were posted before I joined.


This reply is awesome because I’m happy the mix page is working out for people where it’s at currently

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Yeah, I think something that also could help with personalization is some kind of ignore button. It’s not a block, but just some way to de-prioritize a channel or page you don’t want to see as much. That way the algorithm would be able to get a more accurate depiction of an individual’s preferences. It could work the same way in reverse: de-prioritizing pages you ignore and possibly pages they follow.


It worked at first! Quickly lost purpose tho

good points! we’re testing some changes to make it far more personalized :slight_smile:


Hey Dom, are there any plans to allow us to block hashtags, channels or creators from our mix?

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