(more of a question, but) Should we report people misusing the categories, and if so how?

(as a sidenote, maybe this forum could use an “ask the devs” section for questions like this?)

this is an issue i have noticed a lot in the animation tab, and now in the new anime tab (thanks for adding it BTW!), where some people are posting stuff that is uh, not those things. I don’t mean stuff thats like, “well its not really animation/anime but we don’t have a general ‘edits’ tab yet so this is the best i got”, maybe thats a lil annoying when thats not what I’m here for but til theres an edits tab eh its understandable. Also not talking about stuff thats like, maybe some people would count it as animation and some people wouldn’t, such as experimental styles that use combos of IRL stuff and stop motion and whatnot

I am talking specifically about bytes like this one I saw which was an IRL video just (jokingly?) saying another user copies other people’s bytes with the caption “this is an animation”, or one just now in the anime tab that was just an IRL “out of toilet paper” joke. AKA, people who are obviously using the completely wrong category, sometimes on purpose and sometimes maybe they just clicked the wrong one. I haven’t seen any really malicious ones pop up yet, but I’m assuming there will be some that are just “anime sucks lol lets spam the category with shitposts” sorts

So my question is, is it appropriate to report these posts, and if so what as? I reported 1 that was obviously someone doing it on purpose and 1 that was just spam as “misusing the functionality of the app” since one was trolling and 1 was just spam, but I wasn’t sure if a) that was the best report category to use, and b) if I should be reporting these in general.

So, is it helpful or does it just make more work for the devs when we report these sorts of “off topic” bytes, including ones that aren’t overtly breaking any other rules? Or should we only report ones that are either obviously spam or trolling?

(sidenote, I read stuff about the ability to change captions on posts, but has anything been said about the ability to change categories if you accidentally used the wrong one?)


Nah I don’t think that should be a feature in a prime time. Specially in Byte App v1.0.x

But in Byte App v2.0.x and v3.0.x they should.


I’m confused, which part are you responding to? because the main thing I’m asking about is people misusing the categories/trolling

The Misusing of Categories/Trolling. in your Article.

I post original animation/comics/stop motion, and I know what you are talking about. Most of the stuff on the Animation Category is still Anime Edits, which should go to the Anime, even better, the Edit Category if there is any.

The Animation Category should be for people who make original Animation.

I don’t understand how that is a “feature” that would need to be implemented though. I was more hoping that either a dev or someone who knows the answer out be able to answer my question of whether or not reporting these is helpful or causes more issues for the devs (I would have put this in the “questions for the devs” section, but there isnt one)

I at least understand when people post stuff like clips with animation in the category when its not original, that at least just seems like a misunderstanding of what the category is for.

i am more talking about people who are posting stuff that has nothing at all to do with animation, like a clip of them talking to the camera. AKA, there is a zero percent chance you misunderstood what the category is for, you definitely either clicked “animation” instead of “comedy” or “chill” on accident, or you are purposefully trolling (like the clip that just had “this is animation” in the caption)

oh yeah those, umm actually those like Users that doing Fake Non-Binary/Animations are would be something.

like the last reply you said to ShallWeStory is kinda good idea for dev’s to look at my idea was that as you said the Category is for but I Think I get in what you saying so far.

Oh okay, gotcha.

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Bumping this post, why not.


Yeah, we need more attention on this topic