MORE feature ideas? Yes please!

I saw some interesting ideas mentioned here, but here are some things i’d consider pretty cool/useful:

  • some metric other than ‘follow count’ or ‘views’ to measure a channel’s popularity.

People may be really popular number-wise, but their content may not be what’s currently trending. Some kind of a ‘heat’ score profile-wise that incorporates something like amount of engagement, most views in as least time, most mentions, and other parameters to measure popularity. Then we could have a way to filter all the ‘hottest’ current profiles even if their numbers aren’t the biggest. Also maybe could take some of the weight off of just caring about follower count?

  • Some way to let underperforming profiles with great content be found - maybe a ‘newcomers’ section where underrated profiles are hand selected?

  • the ability to post content that has already been filmed. I’d love to be able to post content i already have on my phone that fits the time and image size constraints.

This is just because I’ve made a bunch of short funny vids I haven’t posted anywhere. What do you think about this though, would it be good or do we want just fresh new content? Because then people would just repost old v*nes?

  • the ability to zoom in while recording with a finger movement while recording, like in other apps.

I love being able to zoom in as close as possible to my face or other non-suspecting victims. This is likely already going to be a thing i’m hoping.

  • if there is no way to upload pre-recorded content, a feature to collaborate with others.

Maybe these ideas have already been mentioned? Anyways those are what I’ve been thinking about let me know what you think!


this idea is cool imo

it’s been confirmed this is not happening. would be too TikTok-like

im pleased duets wont exist

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Love the alternative popularity measurements! Interesting to think about.

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wait idk if this is confirmed yet or not…but CAN we upload pre-recorded videos?

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honestly yeah I guess you’re right… although it wouldn’t have to be the exact same tiktok thing

ahh okay good to know!

nah the thing is that duets in any way cause so many problems

This seems thoroughly researched. Job well done! I like these ideas.

yep, pre-recorded stuff will be available from the start and is already in the prototype :metal:


Woah first post since January 17th :open_mouth:

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i wish i could get like 100 posters of your ‘elixir’ art and paste them all over my room, your art is so pleasing to my lil retinas :woozy_face:

oh thank u!! i wish i could sell prints of those but they were client work :’ (


awhh I see! :(( I know i’m veering a bit off topic hahah but do you have prints or posters of your personal work available? or would you know where I could look for some? I want to make a cool backdrop for my videos but don’t know where to look!