More Clickable Channel Button

I’ve seen a bunch of people not realizing that they can click the channel when on the Your Mix or Following page. I made it a bit more bold and clickable so it gets the users attention.

Here’s something I made:

lmk what you guys think


i approve




It looks good, but I don’t think it needs to be clickable in the first place. I don’t even know if it should show there. I would prefer it in the comments display

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That’s perfect.

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I think the team is trying to make byte more like reddit with the tight communities and for more people to realize they exist I think they need to be visible when scrolling through your feed. Just like reddit, when a post does really well it bumps that community up because more people see it.


Oh I see. I don’t really feel the Reddit vibe yet, but I see how this would help towards that goal.

Yeah it’s it own thing now. Recently they’ve been adding a ton of new channels we might have +50 channels in a month for all we know. I feel like adding this would bring users to other channels they didn’t know existed.

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Wait i didn’t even know you could click that… wow