Mooptopia Mystery Solved

The verified Mooptopia account and featured channel are now gone from Byte. Some have speculated that she left due to hate comments. But I found a video on TikTok about the Mooptopia channel on Byte and saw this in the comments:

So it seems like that verified account on Byte was probably fake, which is why the account and channel were removed, and the tweet about it from the Byte Twitter account was been deleted.


I asked one of the people in those comments if they knew where the comment was that they saw her make, but they couldn’t rmemeber which video it was.


Well I’m glad but was fake. Poor moop would have probably been upset :pensive:


The fact a fake account was able to catfish the Byte staff into giving her her own channel and fake account, without asking for PROOF that she was who she said, baffles me.

I understand they likely rushed it because they were eager to capitalize on her community from TikTok but… this looks horrible professionally and makes their credibility as a company a lot more diminished in the public’s eyes.


Good job investigating lovely! :blush:
I highly doubted the “bullied off” theory tbh it’s not bullying to have an opinion.
& I’m also sure someone that big could of handled a little bit of negativity if that was the case, this is the internet after all.
Broader shoulders people!


Im kinda wondering if it was a set up all along. Seems odd that byte would go to that length of creating a channel for what ends up being an imposter.

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I will reupload the video that I posted on the channel, cos it’s not epic what happened


Maybe this whole thing was actually a test by the Byte team to see how we’d react to a creator from another platform getting verified and their own channel? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Via Bwise on Twitter


Ah, you found the actual comment! Thanks for posting that.

this is a hard lesson for byte to revamp their verification process so fake accounts cant do this every again


Yes, definitely. It wouldn’t be difficult to make the verification process more secure. They only ask to show your face in a video you post on both Byte and your verified platform. It’s easy to lift a video of someone off that other app and post it here. Not sure how they fooled the Byte team.


She has 2 million followers guy. If anyone here had attacked her then she definitely gets way more of that on tiktok. Im sure she can handle it, so don’t worry she’s a big girl.

But also no one here ever attacked her so let’s bury that topic

Uhh that was 19 hrs ago. And yeah her having 2 million followers dosent have to mean she’s necessarily not vulnerable to hate. The topic was burried 19hrs ago

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Nono you misunderstood. I’m telling you that whatever amount of hate she could have received here would be a tiny microscopic piece of what she gets on tiktok as that place is insanely toxic. She can be vulnerable but… no one here is going to tip her scale, right?

And your post is 19 hours old which is a totally irrelevant fact. It still doesn’t make what you said less false about her being attacked here. I’ve read your comments in the other posts. Just need you to stop spreading that lie. It’s very toxic. Literally nobody attacked this lady that you’ve pulled out all the stops to defend from some boogie man.

Shame about the whole catfishing thing though

Some people were taking it a little far with the whole “who is this woman” and doing things such as posting angry rants about how they didn’t care about her/for her and how byte should focus on other things in the channel which was supposedly moderated by her.

So yes, people were legitimately “hating” on her- particularly as a lot of the things which were negative which were said were in the vein of the lesser mean things many previous byte users complained about when the first tiktok influx came.


Ok I get the point of the first part. My post being 19hrs ago is relevant because you’re telling me to bury the topic. And I’m not saying nothing falso or spreading lies. She would have probably been upset and yes there were people mad at the fact that the flase account got a channel on the first day.

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And also telling me to bury a topic from 19 hours ago while bringing it up is. I don’t have a word for that tbh😹

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I don’t think raising legitimate concerns about the direction of the app with short term marketing ploys to appease newcomers vs long term investments in the people who have dedicated a lot to the app and built the community it sits on had very much to do with her or her channel at all.

She was the catalyst that triggered the discussion that was a long time coming from a lot of other issues, but no one directed any ill feelings at her and it was extremely frustrating to see so many white knights take that stance in that discussion because they were missing the whole point focusing on protecting her.

If I said a large number of people dedicated their posting time over the last 2 days to calling the byte community toxic and blaming that community for leaving, you’d have to agree because your eyes are the evidence. However, it’s far more toxic to be so defensive over someone you’re a fan of that you turn a discussion into one thing and make it about her. It was never about her. And it’s much worse now that those things have been said and it was proven that it was fake and they are sticking with the “byte is so mean” mentality.

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Well, then perhaps it should have gone in the vent channel, instead of in the channel aimed directly around the supposed her, and speaking her name specifically to talk about how useless and pointless her, the channel, and her content were.
There were videos in that category literally insulting her. As you’ve said, she likely gets a lot worse on tiktok, but it is disingenuous to act as if nobody chose to misdirect their frustrations on this supposed woman. I’m not a fan of hers, nor am I on tiktok, and you will not be telling me I didn’t see any “meanness” or “hate” because I know what my own eyes and ears observed. It happened, and what’s worse,
the frustration with the app’s new direction and the team (which is completely and utterly valid and something that needs to be talked about) into many users taking their frustrations out on one another.
Yes, the original frustration which has been simmering with many of us is that the devs didn’t communicate with us or seem to take many of our suggestions and requests on board. Yes, people were unnecessarily mean to the supposed Moop. Yes, people got mean and toxic to one another about the frustration in the situation. All of these things are true at once.
You’re also currently getting angry at a 15 year old for sticking up for somebody whose content they enjoy when they saw a community they have shifted and embraced being mean to them. I don’t think that’s particularly toxic on their part.