Monthly V2 Comps

Thought/ Idea:

What if, in order to shut down the upcoming compilations that steal videos and don’t give credit, we create a YT channel that posts comps of the top videos of the week? That way we can give credit where it is due and we can create a bit more of a community goal, which would be making it on the weekly comp!


Not a bad idea. Maybe to add, there can be a schedule (mondays and fridays). On one day, popular videos are posted (with permission) and on the other, user submited videos (maybe from smaller creators) are uploaded.

Vine compilations get millions of views, and if monetized. they must make a lot of money. This can help the creators by giving them traffic, and help the devs/community by earning some money


How would you submit, and I mean like who wouldn’t. I feel like that video would be really spammy. I think what they should do is select videos based off of percentage of engagement with how many views it got. So for example if some huge account posts a stupid video, and only that person’s die hard fans like and repost it then it won’t make the cut, but if a smaller creator gets 100% of his 200 followers to like and repost it, and then the people who watched that same video again later have high engagement that would be the way you could select vids.

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very good point. @dom any thoughts?


Instead of submitting your own videos, your video could be selected to be placed in “This Week’s Compilation”

I like this idea. It get people out there. Make them known to more people. Then of course possible monetization. So many possibilities!

Yeah, I think this is a great idea. Weekly compilations could be great, and you could even have compilations based on the genre (comedy, music, travel, etc.)


Ohh I like the genre specific idea.


I don’t look at compilations as content stealers, any compilation is a free promotion of your content, both parts gain with it

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As long as they include the original artist’s name and title of video, I’m fine with it too

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Neat idea but it has a possible DEVASTATING problem. YES It would generate traffic to v2 and stop some other people from posting but I think that it would pull the focus off of the app and more you YouTube. last time I checked v2 and YouTube Aren’t partners.

That’s a great idea actually

they aren’t partners, but youtube would be happy with making loads of money off of those other vine accounts. If there is one official account, then we make that money, and then they come to v2 for the full vids

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I honestly think that people would rather watch v2 videos on YouTube in bulk than on v2 because of ease of Use.

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I like the idea, it’s a good way to make famous the Artists and the app wing

Unless you post comps from every category, there will always be unofficial comps (“Best v2 Dank Memes”, “Best v2 Sports Edits”, etc.)