Monthly v2 "best's"

This idea was kinda inspired by the upcoming oscars, but something I thought v2 could incorporate is a nomination based monthly “best” vines where the v2 community would vote for their favorite vines from a limited selection in various categories such as: “best overall comedy,” “best loop magic,” “best musical vine,” “best upcoming artist,” etc. That way it would promote community feedback, and maybe the results could even be live streamed :man_shrugging:


Doesn’t either the Kid’s Choice Awards or the Teen Choice Awards do something similar?

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like the top charts or creators on the rise

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Hey there is an ongoing discussion about something similar to this here if you want to check it out!
Also, check out these other threads about discover and popular pages

Feedback like what? “My vine was better”

not really, something like where everyone has the chance to vote for their favorite vines in from certain categories from the current month and all the results would then be displayed once the votes are cast in a dedicated section like: “February’s best”

Great idea! I would love that Aswell!

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