With a lot of the major vine content creators moving to YouTube what do you think the odds would be that they come back? Also, with the monetization issues YouTube is having what’s the chances they’d make more coming back to vine. The adpocalypse hit a lot of people hard.


Asking for Vine to have ads before it even comes out is one stretch bro

Not asking for it to. Just simply curious what benefits it’d have in comparison to YouTube. Since a lot of it’s creators moved to YouTube after vine shut down I’m genuinely curious how it’d compete or if it planned to.

I wish they do, but with paypal!

Nahh most creators are underaged. Google is doing good w its payments in my opinion

But they would need their parents or whatever to signup, that would help produce more content for creators.

As much as I love it to have monetization on it for the artists. I think it also would be great if they couldn’t make any money from it, so more people did it because they love it instead of the sake of money

I honestly don’t remember if Original Vine had advertisements, but I wouldn’t mind it to be honest.

Maybe to remove ads people can pay a one time fee, and that will go towards content creators or something.