Monetization SUPERTHREAD

Post your best ideas for a V2 monetization method that will benefit ALL CREATORS.

This is not the thread to bemoan the merits of Small VS Big creators and how you assume stars are greedy…

And this is not the thread to debate if monetization should happen or not.

Let’s talk IDEAS!!
(and debate their workability as socio-economic reward models for daily engagement with a looping video app)

Include any ideas you may have found interesting around the V2 forum.

I KNOW THERE ARE OTHER MONETIZATION POSTS. Use this post to highlight the best ideas you’ve seen on those threads, so we can discuss them deeper.

Some Background: I’m the guy who brought some of the first brands to V¡ne.
I stopped, but by then, the ads were out of control. I’m sorry for my part in creating that monster…


I say let individuals choose to have an Instagram style ad on their timeline in between every few videos. That user would then collect a portion of revenue produced by timeline views



There are a few threads discussing monetization ideas. You should add your ideas to them:


I like this, I’ve been thinking about how the CPM would be calculated, and who the revenue would get attributed to. For example, if a Cheese Whiz ad comes up between my vid and yours, who would be paid for the impression.

Or are you suggesting that V2 could pay artists based on their overall loops, at a value determined by the current ad dollars in their system?


Thanks for including those. I’ve checked them both out. In the former post, the idea doesn’t seem attractive. And in the latter, there are way too many off-topic replies for a real debate to occur. Hopefully this thread stays on-point and focused.

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An OPT-IN CURRENCY SYSTEM, that would allow fans to tip or monthly-fund their favorite artists with digital currency.

Money into the system would come from the V2 user base, both fans and artists.

This could be supplemental to revenue also generated through some form of Brand integration play as well.


Yes, I know. This is a Superthread.

If you find any good ideas in the other monetization threads, then add them here.

This thread is to help the best ideas be seen, as they can get buried by off-topic posts like this one.

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ounce you get 1,000 followers you can sign up for ad sence


And where would the money for the “Adsense” program be coming from?


Will y’all be doing awards for milestone like 100k 1mil and 10mil like YouTube?


Overall loops would be most convenient, I’d say.

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BRAND CHANNELS - Brands could have special profiles on V2, through which they are charged each time they posts. They would set their ideal CPM or CPC rate, and their posts would be delivered as an “in-timeline” ad throughout V2. Having a stable revenue stream would allow V2 to calculate the current value of an impression or “loop” on their platform, and thusly, pay out V2 artists on a CPM basis.

However, in order for the value in this system to not be undermined by brands going directly to V2 Artists for brand integrations or video distribution, v2 would have to MAKE PRODUCT INTEGRATIONS PROHIBITED throughout the app.

This is what is stopping Instagram from making real ad dollars. Why pay $10,000 to advertise “in-timeline”, when I can just pay an influencer $2,000 to promote my brand and gain me the same exposure.

Prohibiting advertising on V2 would allow V2’s staff to determine the advertising rates on their own platform. As opposed to last time, when the going CPM for V¡ne was dictated by how much my clients were willing to pay.


now, this idea is kinda out there BUT
So people can have a stream which only shows people there following. Ad’s can show there which are in the same format (looks like videos) through out. Everyone who appears in that stream gets a little portion of money from each ad that appears. (If ur monitization is enabled)

Idk it’s an idea, who Likes it? I feel like it benefits both large and small creators

See my post above, just before yours. lol

Whats the problem??

No problems. But isn’t that exactly what I just suggested?

No, I just thought of it haha. And mine is a stream for that shows everyone your following, and yours is a little more in-depth and confusing. I see the mixup though haha just read yours.

But na its a bit different

Yes. They are the same. A stream that shows you everyone you are following is also known as a Timeline.

I am suggesting the exact same thing. I’m just using more words and fancy marketing terms. haha

Glad to see we agree.

ok hahaha