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Don’t have any ideas on how exactly ads will work just yet but I would like to see V2 have a minimum requirement of x amount of followers, x amount of views before you can make any money.


This is perfect.

Let’s call this monetisation mode “The v2 One way.”. Those who want to reference this idea can call it “The v2 One Way”.

Qualifications to be monetised.
First, there is a threshold. It is 100k followers, 10,000 Likes, and 100k Loops.
I know this seems way too hard. Let’s be real, if you’re on YouTube and you get 5000 monetised views per video, that’s only like $5. Also, advertisers wouldn’t want people ads on Artists’ videos which have less than 10,000 views/loops .

Second, audience interaction. If around 30% or more following audience are liking an Artists’ video within an hour or two often, They are qualified for monetisation.

Monetisation and Revenue Model
Ads are displayed on Viewers’ timeline similar to Instagram.
Now, Artists are paid on how many times their video was looped before the ad appeared.

Let’s say John is watching some videos on v2, he sees the first video, loops it 2 times and swipes/scrolls to the next video.
He finds the second video funny and interesting, he loops it 10 times.
He goes to the third video, finds it boring, swipes on before it could loop again. an Ad appears. He watches the ad and continues.

Now let’s say the Advertiser paid $1,000 to v2 to display the on 20,000 users’ timeline. Now One dollar is spent on 200 users. Essentially, the advertiser paid $0.05 to v2 to display it to John.

The value of each loop before an ad is calculated by the amount spent on each user (APU(amount per user) divided by the no. of loops watch before an ad by the user.

In this case $0.05 is spent on 1 user by the advertisers and In total John has looped 12 times before he saw the ad. $0.05 is divided by 12.

Now each loop is valued at $0.0041. 1000 loops are valued at $4. Which is an excellent CPM.

Now let’s say 10,000 users have done the thing as John, watched the same videos as John.
The First Video gets 20k loops.
The Second video gets 100k loops.
the Third Video gets 10k loops (since each view is also counted)

Let’s say v2 takes an incentive of a hefty 65%.

First Video’s Artist takes $28.7 home out of $82 revenue.
Second Video’s Artist takes $143.5 home out of $410 revenue.
Third Artist takes $14.35 home out of $41 revenue.

You may be like, wait the “total revenue” is only $533. Yes the rest is kept by v2.
Of course, the threshold and the incentives can and probably should be changed by v2.
Hope @dom reads this. Please help me reach @dom

  1. What if a user watches an artist’s video who is not monetised?
    A: V2 Keeps the money.
  2. What if the user doesn’t see an ad before he quits the app?
    A: The timeline will immediately show an ad next time the user uses the app and the previous “unrewarded” artists will be paid.
  3. The user does not use it for a long time, like a month. will Artists still be paid?
    A: The loops are eligible and are count only if they are seen in less than a week before the ad. i.e. the time gap between the videos and ad should not be more than 1 week, else v2 keeps the money
  4. What if I do not see a video fully.
    A: In that case, it will not be a loop and will not be counted while calculating revenue.
  5. How do Advertiser pay v2?
    A: based on the number of people they want to reach.
  6. Advertisers could do brand endorsements to users.
    A: v2 will have a low amount for Ads. v2 will subsidise this by taking a hefty amount of the total revenue.
  7. This is complicated and Stupid.
    A: Ok, it’s like YouTube But it will be based on loops, 1 loop is like 1 view. Watch time doesn’t matter because videos on v2 will be no longer than 6.5 seconds.
  8. Will Cost Per Loop be based on amount Advertiser paying v2 ?
    A: No, CPL is provided by each user. Each gets a specific CPL before an ad. In the case, John made his CPL $0.0041 by watching 12 loops. If Catherine watches only 8 loops, then her CPL would be $0.0062 .
  9. So the cost can be manipulated by the amount of times a person loops it?
    A: Not certainly. the person will never know what ad is going to come for them. if the APU(Amount per user) is high, more money for the person whose video was looped. See above.
  10. How much time did you spend thinking and writing this?
    A: thinking- 1 hour, writing- 3 hours.

Thank You.

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I thinks it’s similar to this. also see my long-detailed post below.

I think at max the revenue split should be 60% for the creator and 40% for the app. The person doing the actual work should get paid more.

Sure. But we all know the final decision will be made by @dom .BTW YouTube takes 55%.

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Youtube has been confirmed to take 45%, not 55%.

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I mean Instagram’s Advertising model is very simple. If there was a variation that v2 used on an individual’s profile (between posts), it would work well.
Your threshold is good, but I think 100k is too much for a minimum. But 10k is a bit small for 10k likes.
Also, a minimum payout would be necessary. Imagine paying $1.28 to millions of creators every hour. I don’t think we should really worry about it, though.
Besides, if @dom already confirmed monetization, he and v2’s staff would’ve had a general idea of how it would work.


i like that idea


most of everything everyone else said and also a system like twitch’s bits