Monetization on V2

How will monetization on V2 work?

Will it be like Youtube with ad revenue? Expanding on this, what will be deemed advertiser-friendly? What types of ads will be shown on V2?

Or will people have to resort to sponsored posts likes on the original app and on other social media sites like Instagram?

On top of this, what will separate creators from earning an income from those doing it for fun?

I don’t earn money via social media, but would be interested in doing so on V2, but am not too sure the best way to go about it.


Post about monetization in the app

Here are a few different posts about ads and V2 generating revenue also if that’s what you’re looking for. Go check them out :slight_smile:

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I would think it would be similar to the original with sponsored post. If there was a monitization feature like YouTube then it would have to have advertisements. But I have no clue.

I know @dom was looking into ways content creators earn revenue through social media, so maybe ads could be a possibility, but I prefer the sponsored content route because ads can be very annoying and repetitive :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not entirely sure on how to suggest and add to this on that issue, but a small idea for it is that if and when the content creator wants to have vines monetised, they can also decide if they want to donate a certain percentage of that revenue straight up to a charity of choice.

Not sure how it would work either, but I just want to put that out there.

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I feel like v2 should enable playlists from creators, so you can watch all videos back to back and after every 3rd or 4th video a 6 second ad plays and both the creator and v2 shares the ad revenue


This post here talks pretty good about where revenue will come from as well to tie in with monatization think its useful knowledge if anyone wants to know

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Ohhey, thank you for sharing :hugs: Curious about what people think of it :relaxed:

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I’ve closed this thread to minimize duplicate topics around monetization. For more info on this topic please check out @Tsouth21 post below.