Monetization idea

Let verified viners have a premium channel along with their regular one that viewers can pay money to watch or just make it easy to donate money to creators.

Similar to this thread?

actually, this one is interesting

kinda like youtube red (where im guessing you are getting some inspiration)

Ok but look how well YT Red has done, last I checked not very.


enough for them to create numerous series, and movies

Yeah, I agreed with your previous idea, took me a while to understand but I agree

Not exactly, more like paying to access more content instead of paying to upload more of it

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I feel like it will ruin the vibe of V2 but you know, anything is possible


So I was wrong, apparently YT red isn’t as big of a flop as I originally thought, although it certainly isn’t thriving. My only question is are 6 second videos from a creator worth $10 a month?

What about when people screen record and ruin your profits, sending and distributing to different areas

Not $10 a month, definitely a cheaper price to use it because they’re so short.

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Yeah nah I could definitely see this working out. Kinda like how if you subscribe to a patreon page you get access to new content. Then V2 can just take their share of it.

I feel like in a way this would take away from the overall organic feeling of the community that V2 is trying to establish. I feel like premium channels would create a tier type system (that’s been mentioned before with verification badges) that enables separation within the, viewing, community. Should people be denied seeing content from their favorite V2 artist because they can’t afford seeing premium channels?

Ok but having tiers isn’t going to kill anybody. I mean you aren’t getting content taken from you. It’s just not available unless you pay. Everything can’t be free I mean V2 needs money.

Oh I definitely agree that V2 needs money. That’s a given just to keep it functioning, but I mean is it necessary to have premium channels? Could V2 gain money without them.

I mean if you want ads. Which I’m pretty sure we are trying our best to avoid. My idea is linked above and it’s sort of similar but it also require tiers. The only way around having tiers is everybody pays or everybody puts up with ads.

I feel like if they did something like this, it would take away from the artists originality… I mean it could definitely be done, but with things like YouTube Red, they’re professionally shot with an entire tech team. The content would most likely be scripted. I don’t know.

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I like this idea. Kinda like Spotify.


This will not work. The majority of viewers will be underage. The simplest answer is just deal with some ads. It isn’t the end of the world and keeps the app running. Everyone’s lack of openness to ads after what happened to Vine is kinda ironic.

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