Monetization and verification

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If the advertiser pulls out for whatever reason, the creator will be alerted and they can choose if they would like to put their name back on the list, or keep it off. If an artist’s name isn’t picked then unfortunately that’s their problem. However advertisers nowadays are looking for more ‘relatable’ people, hense why on platforms like youtube much smaller channels are getting tons of brand deals, so it won’t only be the biggest of creators getting chosen.

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another thing. let’s say Queen Elizabeth II uses v2. Wouldn’t she get verified instantly?

What I mean is Celebrities who use v2 will be verified, right? So they get instant monetisation. That just spoils the whole idea of small creators growing (chances of new artists getting verified is less, what I mean).

It would be good if the v2 team wouldn’t allow advertisers to run the site. Otherwise it’s them who end up controlling what content goes on the platform.

The main purpose of verification is to identify that the person using the account is the person the account is for. It’s to help avoid fakes.

That’s what I mean. maybe having monetisation badge would allow you to advertise? and let’s say for monetisation, you need 100k followers, 10,000 Likes, and around 100k Loops. You can request for monetisation. But it’s up to v2 curators to grant you monetisation. What i mean is, Spam accounts may do follow 4 follow, re-posting others’ videos, buying likes, etc.
So having curators would help.

The algorithm won’t be like youtube’s where it suggests monetized videos over non-monetized videos. + Chances of a celebrity using the app already indicates that they have alot of wealth (most celebrities).

Verification won’t be determined based on the amount of followers you have due to that system being easily abusable. It will be determined on overall how much you’re ‘worth’.

Worth as in:
If people are trying to impersonate you
If you have an established well-known career
If you are a professional/business account
and more.

I’d also like to add, people’s main income wouldn’t be off of v2 advertisements. Creators will need to do what everyone else on social media does and that is brand deals and merchandise.

Also, being able to monetize your videos won’t be that big of a headstart. Like I said, most celebs have money and won’t need the v2 money. There could also be an option where a celebrity can set up a ‘celebrity’ account (kind of like how instagram has business accounts), which refuses them the right to monetize.

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This is what I keep saying. Verification isn’t some type of reward that “beta testers” or “people in the forums” should just expect. It’s to show the difference between “Dom Hofmann” and “Dom Hofmann” and other celebrity/business accounts and their impersonators.

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