Monetization and verification

The second idea is something that’s already done much simpler in the original vine with viners getting sponsored privately.

There’s gonna have to be some type of monetization or payout for creators on the app, that’s one of the reasons the first one fell off. Not sure if anyone’s gonna wanna wait a year if they’re gonna try and make a living off of it.


It wouldn’t be good to only allow one company to place ads on a v2ers page. That’d be very limiting and a deterrent for advertisers, as that’d be a much closer link to the creators than they’d like. That’s honestly more like a sponsorship than an ad. Plus, this list would make sure that more recognized names got more attention, leaving the rest behind. The most important people on a platform are not the one who get the most attention, but the ones who give it. It’s the community that matters the most. The big v2ers will be a part of that community, and not separate from it. It is foolish to value them over the rest of the users/creators, and that’s why we had people like the Paul brothers at the very top. Self-important jerks who’s egos we’re constantly fed not only by their fans, but the way the app operated itself.


True, maybe not wait a few year but a few months because we need to get our content out on the app so the sponsors know who they’re sponsoring and what type of videos they put out.

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I think monitization would be best handled through an Artist or Creator program that members would to apply to and be accepted into.

I don’t think that having companies choose what posts to put ads on would work in the real world although it seems great in theory. I think that having hand chosen verification would be great to mitigate the whole Adpocalypse sort of thing. I also think that there should be a follower / view requirement to apply for these programs.

Slightly salty I posted something about monitization two minutes after you by accident lol.


The monetization ideas seem pretty solid, I’m all for artists selecting the brands they want represented on their profile. Just to prevent “enemy” companies/sponsors posting ads without consent on a certain persons profile. For instance you wouldn’t see a Pepsi and a Coke advertisement on the same profile, but just the one the creator selects.

I’ll edit later with more thought, as I’m at work.

The top creators should get special treatment. Whenever people talked about vine, there were certain names that were always brought up in conversations (king bach, lelepons, amanda cerny, etc…). As a company it is important that they show the very top creators special treatment. Now I’m not saying they should post all of their videos on the trending page or anything, but they for sure shouldn’t be treated like an ‘ordinary’ user. Those top creators are the ones bringing lots of traffic. If the people handling the creators was smart, they’d know that they should prioritise someone who gets 20million loops a video over someone that gets 300 loops. Two people (jake and logan paul) acting stupid doesn’t define the entire app.

Also, I agree, the community does matter the most, however without those top creators there wouldn’t be a community. Those top creators bring people back day after day. Those top creators get asked to go onto the news where they shine light on the app and bring in more customers.

Also, if someone is a top creator, chances are they’re more than likely to make it their full time job. If social media is someone’s full time job, their videos are more likely to be better than someone who is constantly working a 9-5 job. They are likely to have much higher production value. And they are more than likely to bring in more overall revenue. If v2 ever does a meet and greet, who will bring in more people? Someone with 10 million followers that posts everyday and is getting paid from it so they can make it their full time job, or someone will 200 followers that uploads once every 3-4 weeks.

Long story short, the biggest creators on the platform are the most important. Look at every video-posting social media platform. Youtube, vine,, etc… they all have those select few people that are a trademark for the app. You hear ‘Baby Ariel’, you instantly think of You hear of ‘King Bach’, you instantly think of vine. You hear of ‘KSI’, you instantly think of Youtube.

Those top creators are incredibly important to be the face of a video-sharing platform.


This. Except we need multiple company advertisers. Not just one per page.

i personally don’t think i will be monetizing my V2 page, but i love this idea.

I think you have some really great ideas here!

Your ideas for monetisation draw from Youtube - which is tried and tested and proven to work, so I think it could work for V2 as well.

The ability to choose to monetise your page/videos is also great incentive for content creators (not that that should be the sole reason people are creating, but the app is going to want to draw in creators who are serious in building themselves a career from V2. It works in favour of both artists and app)

I also agree that verification is necessary! This will help stop spam accounts who grow via impersonation.
Yes verification will lend to bragging rights, but people will always find something to brag about - follower counts, re-vine numbers, views, general popularity, etc. I think verification is important for protecting V2’s artists.

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Great Idea. Is it similar to Instagram’s “paid partnership with” below the profile’s name?

Like the one below ? 48%20AM

Not entirely. Those ads will only show on the creator’s profile between a set number of posts. So if I have created 200 videos, an ad will show up like a post between each 15 posts. Kind of like how instagram has ads on the homepage between a certain amount of posts.

Great Idea. But what happens after the ad campaign is over? Or what if an Artist’s name is never picked?

I agree! A combination of YouTube and Instagram’s ad platforms would be best!
• Pay-per-Loop for artists with a certain amount of followers and good community engagement like YouTube
• Suggested ads every few vines, not chosen by artists but through Adsense/cookie types of algorithms like Insta
• And artists can be able to create their own sponsorship deals separate from V2
It’s good for the artists, but can also create revenue for V2, something that Twitter struggled to do with Vine

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Good ideas you have. I’d be down if they were implemented (at least implemented to a degree).

I have wrote about this a month ago.

There’s also another link here Monetization SUPERTHREAD

Great minds think alike :call_me_hand:t3::thinking::joy:

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If the advertiser pulls out for whatever reason, the creator will be alerted and they can choose if they would like to put their name back on the list, or keep it off. If an artist’s name isn’t picked then unfortunately that’s their problem. However advertisers nowadays are looking for more ‘relatable’ people, hense why on platforms like youtube much smaller channels are getting tons of brand deals, so it won’t only be the biggest of creators getting chosen.

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another thing. let’s say Queen Elizabeth II uses v2. Wouldn’t she get verified instantly?

What I mean is Celebrities who use v2 will be verified, right? So they get instant monetisation. That just spoils the whole idea of small creators growing (chances of new artists getting verified is less, what I mean).