Monetization & ads

about monetization I guess I should not put ads in video format in a video from a v2 user because that would disrupt the loop, which is one of the main features of the app (in my opinion) I’m not saying that someone said they’re going to put ads in formats and videos and mess up the loops, I’m just giving you an idea because someone’s going to do that … the video format ads would be nice to be placed in the v2 creator profile, on top or between some videos, and on the ads in the video itself, in my opinion it would be interesting just a small bar on top of the video containing an ad, practically the same bar we have on YouTube.

sorry if there is any English error in my article, I’m Brazilian and I do not speak the language :roll_eyes:


Yeah it can be, in the same way Dom never again talk about the topic

Click on link below, I have a list of threads on this topic:

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okay thank you