Discord or Discourse

DIscourse haha my bad should work

@kaden Don’t you use the app version of Discourse? Would you be able to help them out finding the forum. I’ve only been using the PC version.

alright, if you’re on the app “Discourse”, press the blue “+” and add “” and sign in like you would on the pc version. from there you should have full mobile access to the forums :slight_smile:

@ me if you have any more questions!

The app version more or less gives minor notification updates but doesn’t really improve upon the web based app so o would recommend just using the website honestly

Think That is a great way!

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Matt, is there any way you could delete one of my topics? I specifically want it deleted, not just closed.

Would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Can you please tag me in the topic you would like deleted? Thanks.

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@MattFogarty thank you, Matt, I appreciate it