hahaha right i didnt know how to ask about it

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GG you two

well considering I’ve seen you everywhere on this forum and you’re super nice I’d say you deserve it!!


Congrats girl


i agree @kaden has been really nice and he deserves it and tbh im lowkey kinda jealous :joy:

Edit: The universe has been nice to me and i just got the member badge, what luck


thank ya thank ya

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oh hey welcome to the crew

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I’m in th crew now :open_mouth:

yessir. welcome

Thank you!

Alex! Congrats to you too!!!


Ooooo congrats my dude :’)

@Jennifer I feel like you would be perfect for this. All the times I’ve interacted with you was extremely pleasant, and you definitely have a knack for helping others.

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Awh thank you @Xtian . Hopefully I can level up!

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Okay idk if everyone else is like me but I got this link of Dom’s Twitter and I don’t like using this website. Is there a mobile app?

check this out Forum FAQ/ Details

You can use the Discourse app and the website is mobile friendly as well.

Discourse does have an app: Here’s the link for Discourse app in the Google Play Store
and here is the link for the app in the App Store

Dude I feel that haha, only low key jealous :joy::man_shrugging:t4:

How do I get the forum on the app? I have the app, but I have to type something in and idk what to type. It says “