i feel like before asking for beta testers theyll learn towards the first 50 people, idk

And if the mods do already exist, more clarity to who they are so we can reach out to them as a community.

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Yes I definitely agree with having the moderators more visible.

yeah. we don’t have any ranked ones on the forum according to the “staff team” page

lol, then we got places to go.

it’ll be staff for now, but we’ll look into letting people from the community moderate in the future. there’s also a feature built into this forum software that allows people to “level up” and get extra abilities, some of which are focused on moderation. I’ve turned that feature off until I learn more about it, but it’s worth investigating


Almost like a tenure :joy: it be cool to moderate a forum. Just like a Minecraft server but with less coding and plug ins


@dom i have a couple questions regarding the trust levels;

im ranked a member now (not sure who did it but i appreciate it) and i have access to inviting people via email but im not sure if i should so im curious about that. also says i can make group private messages, but im unsure how to do that and i can’t find a forum post about it.

thank you

private messages are disabled for now, but it should be easy to figure out how to do it if/when we turn them on. i guess i need to figure out where the copy for those emails is and change it


This morning I also was given the badge of a ranked member, but I didn’t know what to say because I was like no one else has it yet. I was going to ask you if you knew when the email invites was, but guess we’re in the same boat :joy:

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hahaha right i didnt know how to ask about it

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GG you two

well considering I’ve seen you everywhere on this forum and you’re super nice I’d say you deserve it!!


Congrats girl


i agree @kaden has been really nice and he deserves it and tbh im lowkey kinda jealous :joy:

Edit: The universe has been nice to me and i just got the member badge, what luck


thank ya thank ya

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oh hey welcome to the crew

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I’m in th crew now :open_mouth:

yessir. welcome

Thank you!