@dom are there currently moderators for this forum?

If there aren’t currently moderators or if there is a need for a larger coverage (given that the forum will expand largely in the next 3 days), will that be something you would be letting members of this forum community to apply for?


That would hopefully be something that the community would be able to apply for and help with, sound like a very good idea.


Great thinking!! I’m in.


what would moderators provide that the staff could not do themselves? what qualifies someone to be a mod?

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Their is obviously a lot that has to go into thinking this before actually giving someone on the community mod

The first post was saying if they did not already exsist

In my own opinion i think that having some of the community as mods actually brings the community closer

A few things i personally think that it would probably take to be a mod in my opinion would be ,a lot of time community (Active), Being Respectful, Interacting. You could list more of your own of what you think it should take to be one if they would or should do community mods


I meant in as I would definitely apply. But yes…you are on to something my friend!

i was wondering exactly the same.

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We should but i feel like theyre working on this idk

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Excellent point @satan. The original purpose of this forum was connect community with the creators of the app. There’s no harm in having a staff member moderate, but like @Thief was saying moderators have to be incredibly active in the forum in order to complete their job. I’ve been on other forums before and know for a fact that they don’t just pick the average joe to moderate. If it were an apply and get in system, there would definitely be several applicants that may only be in it for the title or on the alternate side, won’t be in it for the long run (eg. myself and my crazy life).


i’d agree

maybe open moderation applications to us beta tester-like people before the community explodes


i feel like before asking for beta testers theyll learn towards the first 50 people, idk

And if the mods do already exist, more clarity to who they are so we can reach out to them as a community.

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Yes I definitely agree with having the moderators more visible.

yeah. we don’t have any ranked ones on the forum according to the “staff team” page

lol, then we got places to go.

it’ll be staff for now, but we’ll look into letting people from the community moderate in the future. there’s also a feature built into this forum software that allows people to “level up” and get extra abilities, some of which are focused on moderation. I’ve turned that feature off until I learn more about it, but it’s worth investigating


Almost like a tenure :joy: it be cool to moderate a forum. Just like a Minecraft server but with less coding and plug ins


@dom i have a couple questions regarding the trust levels;

im ranked a member now (not sure who did it but i appreciate it) and i have access to inviting people via email but im not sure if i should so im curious about that. also says i can make group private messages, but im unsure how to do that and i can’t find a forum post about it.

thank you

private messages are disabled for now, but it should be easy to figure out how to do it if/when we turn them on. i guess i need to figure out where the copy for those emails is and change it


This morning I also was given the badge of a ranked member, but I didn’t know what to say because I was like no one else has it yet. I was going to ask you if you knew when the email invites was, but guess we’re in the same boat :joy:

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