Mockups on how Native Watermarks Could Look

The post I made yesterday had great feedback and I decided to make some mockups showing how this watermark feature may work. Check 'em out:



Here’s the base screenshot in high quality if you want to play around with it.

If you didn’t see my post yesterday, I’ll sum up what a watermark feature could mean.

All those vine compilations on YouTube have zero attribution to the original creators, and it really sucks. With this watermark feature, you can safeguard your content easily before even posting it. Here’s how the workflow might work:

  1. As you’re getting ready to post your first video, a popup could say, “Try the watermark feature!”
  2. Check the box to automatically add text with your @username and possibly a tiny monochromatic logo so you know where the video was made.
  3. Change the color from black/white, resize with the handles around the text, and change the opacity to look good.
  4. Your content is safe!

If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, anything, I’d love to hear it. :heart:


I like it :o

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It is a good idea an it doesn’t take much work to make, I like what you’ve done even tho I don’t like watermarks. But you’ve succeeded my expectations :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::100:



personally, i feel like watermarks ruin the vine in itself. the look in itself is just really displeasing to look at

Sadly nowadays we need these watermarks. A post with no watermark can get stolen and posted under a different name without anyone noticing. The internet is cruel and anyone will take your content to get fake internet points. I think this feature is needed on all social media platforms, nice work.


I think this is a great idea. Very nice mockup you made of how it could look :smile: I hope this feature gets added


The world really needs more people like you. You’re so amazing aaaaaaa!

This idea is so awesome!


Very cool. :grinning:


I like how you thought of the opacity, that way you can make it less intrusive and annoying.


How big the text could get could be limited, but you also don’t want people saying “Follow me on ma insta! Twitter! YouTube!” In there so maybe a character counter aswell?


the customizable factor is good but there needs to be a limit, yes


That’s what I was thinking, the text could only be your @username. By giving too much customization with that, it’ll evolve to just being text labels instead of a watermark feature.


That’s an amazing feature. I always had to put on a watermark myself but lost my editing apps when I got a new phone and had to find new editing apps after the ones I used got discontinued. It was a waste of money and this will really make everything a lot easier and more efficient.


I was just gonna make my own watermarks but this is better!

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Dude this is lit! and the UI looks so good too!

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Nice. But I feel size and opacity should be normalised (pre-determined) across the platform to maintain a consistent UX.

Or, if you’d rather avoid using watermarks on the App altogether, make it easier to download posts (e.g. a download button) but apply the watermark during the actual download process.


See this is a hard one. Gotta factor in aesthetics as well as owner copyright. Must say I 100% agree with @brycetwyman tho, u got some good ideas there bro.

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Yeah, but then people can still screen record and crop the video…

I would LOVE this. An easy access to a tool like this? Priceless.

Yes, people can always steal, but the point isn’t to eliminate that, it’s to make it harder/more inconvenient.

Yeah, it’s a tricky area.

Ultimately, people will find a way to make compilations for easy views on YouTube (assuming v2 becomes as popular as Vine). So instead of fighting it, embrace it and beat them at their own game.

Giving them a download button that makes it unbelievably easy to acquire the clips, but renders it with a watermark is a good compromise. I doubt they’ll go out of their way to screen record the unwatermarked version.

Alternatively, v2 could have it’s own official YouTube channel where it posts official monthly compilations.

This is all fun to think about, but whether it’s worth the extra development to stop a few outliers from uploading unaccredited compilations is up for debate.

Love the watermark idea though.