Mobile video editing software recommendations?

Hey guys. I’m very new to the short video scene, and I’ve been seeing some really mind blowing stuff in my Byte feed.

I know many people edit/create their videos on their computer then transfer it to their phone - but are there any good mobile video editing apps out there? Both free and paid of course. When I see something crazy out on the streets - I don’t wanna go home and edit the darn thing when all I could really use are some tweaks, minor edits and video splicing

I have a newer Iphone with the latest version of IOS

Thanks in advance!

PS: check out my byte @yoimSerge - all done with a standard iphone camera and/or the byte recording feature (I have one byte i made with imovie on my phone - but that thing for some reason can’t shoot portrait mode)


I use Inshot


i love videoshop, $4 monthly or $23 annual fee for the pro features, imo it’s worth it for me, i heard inshot is good too! if not, imovie (apple’s default editing app) should be nice ((@bevs))

Download iMovie from the App Store, it’s free and is a great little video editor for the iPhone. If you have a MacBook or iMac, you can get iMove for the desktop for free as well if you decide to do more advanced editing in the future.