Mobile & Desktop Byte Wallpapers | Batch TWO!

Hey Everyone,
I hope that everyone is having a great time using the app!

Since you LOVED the First Batch of Wallpapers Im Excited to Release the Second batch of Byte Wallpapers!

Here is the Download link to all the Wallpapers and for all the different sizes including a 1080x1920 Size and a 1125x2436 Size!

Google Drive:
Download Now!

The Desktop Size looks like this:

Let me know what you think!

and stay tuned for more soon…


Very cute!!

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Is it a safe link???

Yes Google Drive, if you want copy it by right clicking then check

Hey thank you so much :+1:

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Dang bro, th3s3 look sick! Alr3ady got th3m up. Lov3 '3m!

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These are great :slight_smile:

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OMG these are so sick!!!

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Nice af