Moana Vs. Frozen Vs. Tangled Vs. Brave

I’ve seen this go around byte recently about Frozen Vs. Tangled but @kevinsaxbyy REALLY FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE OVERALL BEST. MOANA. Point blank period @thecatholicchurch Is 100% correct on this one. You can not forget this cultural queen who highlighted many parts of an independent and strong woman.

Moana also strongly ties 100% with Brave. Merideth is a Scottish Icon and really shows what being able to make your own decisions is all about. Merideth is 100% that bitch. You cannot change me there.

Overall. Brave and Moana are clearly the better options between Frozen and Tangled.

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Out of these four, I haven’t watched Brave so I’ll get back to this.

However… Moana > Tangled >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Frozen > Frozen 2

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Merida is a boss.

They’re just so different tho. Tangled holds a special place in my heart :sob:

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Gotta be honest kinda forgot Brave existed.

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Moana wasnt included because she would win, hands down. Cant include a God in a mortals fight.


I’ve never seen Brave.

I just posted a byte about this, how, just how could anyone forget about Brave & how Merida is the bestest & most badass princess disney has given us!

#teammerida #teambrave

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Be careful with this discussion, though: Brave is a Disney-Pixar film, while Moana, Tangled, and Frozen are Disney Animation. Make sure to maintain credibility in the correct side of the discussion that Moana and Tangled are far superior to Frozen by not veering off-course and treading into separate territory. (Note: Brave is an insanely underrated film.)


Out of all these, Brave is the odd one out. It’s from pixar, while the other three are Disney, and also just… bad. It changed director mid-production, the reason for firing the director were extra fishy, and they turned a story that was going to focus on mother-daughter relationships and what it means to be a woman according to the perspectives of both co-protagonists to… a bear action adventue? Because the new director thought “the story doesn’t have to do with women”.

Asides from that I can’t put any of those in a tiered list, but I can say that I’ve seen Tangled twice in a row.


It’s like asking to choose a favorite kid! You just can’t do it!

  • Like, I love Lin-Manuel’s music, I love Kristen/Bobby Lopez’ music
  • Brave has this awesome moral/takeaway element
  • Tangled also has bitchin’ music and a really wonderful story

Newborns are not gonna like this but… I think they all suck. Still wondering how these movies can be so liked when there are all those majestic Disney princesses of the past such as Belle, Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella and of course my favourite, Aurora… I wish they made something of that beauty at least once again, just to prove that they haven’t completely fallen in wackland

Frozen is literally my favourite movie I can recite the entire movie from memory

It’s not overrated, it’s overhated


Belle’s a quitter, Snow White and Aurora slept for half of their movies, Ariel is a simp, Cinderella… is okay.

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my opinions on this

  1. moana
  2. brave
  3. tangled
  4. frozen

i’m biased about frozen doe like when it came out, that’s all ANYONE would watch. and all the songs were everywhere, watching frozen is like being tortured :pensive:

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And how, pray tell, before we take this outside and play a round of catching these hands?

I know few people want to watch an hour long analysis of a pixar movie lol, but if anyone is interested, this video on Brave is really good and it helped me understand why I hated this movie

Brave: Pixar’s Almost Masterpiece

It was mainly Belle not really standing up to the Beast and just turning herself in. It’s “selfless” but at the same time I can’t help but see myself saying “Well, don’t just stand there!”

Tangled , Moana , Brave , Frozen