Mixing up the categories

First off, the spotlight being at the top is awesome, great idea!

I believe it’s easier to show love to some of the content that the byte team/community enjoyed! I’ve loved the spotlight today, a bunch of great stuff there! I really feel like the spotlight represents what the app is developing into I.E it’s V “1.0.”

So, I was thinking, what If the categories changed positions?

Comedy has always been #1 and I understand why. The majority of content creators on byte currently make sketch comedy.

What if the categories were changed up? What if all categories moved around just like the limited category.

For that matter, what if the order of the categories was customizable by the individual on a per account basis? I would love that personally.

I love comedy but I would love to see more solid edits, more anime, more travel, more fitness.

That’s on a content consumer end.

On the creator end, id love to be more involved in some of those categories but it feels like there are no eyeballs on them. There is also not much good content in those categories. It’s mostly low quality content.

I absolutely love the byte U.I I think it’s one thing that makes byte stand out. It’s very clean and simple compared to a lot of other apps and I love that!

This app is amazing, I just want to inspire more random content.

I know this will come in time, just thought I’d throw at idea out while it was in my head.

Carry on.


Too many theme categories and I’m picky with a certain category. I think this will be easy filter by mixing up to help leverage other unpopular categories.



100% agreed bro, too many categories with such similar content.


For a sec I thought your name said Steve Jobs


shhh don’t blow my cover :dark_sunglasses:

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Yes please :pray:t3: I love to switch it up and try new things, like with my music, and I’ve seen many other creators experiment as well. That should be encouraged and a daily shake up of categories would be dopeee


More music sir… we want! :smirk:


Yes, exactly!

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Yes! I think that is a great idea!

Yes! Time to mix things up? Maybe?


Love this idea! I’m still waiting for the team to create a motivational category since all my content fits this genre.

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That would be cool! I think chill is the closest thing we have now!

I post in nature and its the last category. :joy:
I do think randomizing them and seeing if it really effects anything would be a cool idea.

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It would effect them!