Minor suggestion for the category showing above captions

So with the new update I see the category a byte is put under is listed above the caption. I like the idea of having a way to see what category people place their videos in, but I just wish it was placed somewhere else because I don’t feel that it adds enough relevant context to the bytes to be placed above the caption. Also, personally, I feel like it can almost tell you what’s coming before you watch it sometimes which can make a byte less impactful. Like with horror, vfx, and funny. And even other categories where it might not take away anything from the byte, it doesn’t add anything either. Like having /dogs before a dog video just seems redundant. Maybe if the category was something listed like next to the loop count? I just don’t personally see a reason for it being placed where it is.


I actually like this feature. I imagine they’ll have several more channels in the future. If there are let’s say over 30 there might be a channel you’re unfamiliar with and seeing it in the open above the caption might grab the viewers attention.

This is similar to Reddit. On your home feed you’ll see the post with r/_____ above it.


True, I could see in the future with a good bit more channels it making more sense. Probably feels more pointless rn because so many videos are in /funny that I see that a lot. If they divided the categories a bit more I’d like it.

Also naming a category “funny” almost creates some expectation to it, like that you’ll find every video funny. And that just won’t be the case. Personally I preferred the name “comedy”

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and if they were to subdivide it into like /skits, /parody, /memes some day those names are just types of comedic content and don’t create any expectation.

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And maybe I’m being overly critical, it’s just that /funny over a video reminds me of when people put #funny #comedy in their captions and it’s just not my thing. Sorry for all the feedback lol


I think putting it in the pull-up tab (where the comments and loop counter are) is a better option. So yes, I agree.


I’d have to agree. I would :heart: to have the interface minimal, and then if I hit comment I get additional info.
Rebyted by (which as a creator I’d love to be able to see by byte who rebyted-maybe only allow the creator to see who all rebyted? The user only sees the normal rebyted by Fred)
:musical_note: beat and artist
Maybe even be able to click on the date and see exactly when (or even morning/lunch/afternoon/night/late night) the byte was originally posted?

This keeps things neat and clean, but gives more info.

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Yeah i agree for all those except rebyted by since it would be confusing initially to see bytes by people you don’t follow in your feed if it didn’t have it up top.

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