Millennials pt 2 😾


There is something screaming in my dreams

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MILENIALS are very nice welcoming people. We have gone through the 90s,2000s.

We had no cell phone at all. We had to make friends at school by talking. There wasn’t any snapchat. We had go up to the girl and talk

Our first cell phone was a flip phone.

We had to get there house phone #. Imagine asking your mom to talk to your daughter.

When we went outside to play we play odd games. Gameboy was primetime back then. We had big tvs like box size.

The only way we could get on internet was when we went to go.

In 2000s Myspace became a thing.

Being gay wasn’t accept back then at all. People were called names,beat in the toilet. We had to get the news from a newspaper.

Riding bikes with friends was our go too. I did that all the time.

Birthday Party were big back then.

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What are you trying to say

Nothing you want to hate us for being a millennial but you don’t understand anything we went though. I thought I let you know. We have jobs and we are adults now. We’re not all bad and we not all boring. I

We said you aren’t funny not that we hated you :joy_cat:


Okay so leave our humor alone just because your 13 or 16 and don’t understand get to know us before you judge us. I am just trying to give you a honest opinion about us. That us in a nutshell

I don’t have to know you to know that your humor isn’t funny to me

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so was mine ur not special razorblade also what was the point of that


Okay gen z humor isn’t funny to me at all either. I am not trying to argue with you I am just giving what we want though. You act like I am sitting here complaining. I thought you like a explanation


ngl u kinda sound like a boomer but i guess its true cuz us gen z ppl dont talk at all we only text stuff right and we definitely dont talk to ppl at school or talk to ppl irl we definitely dont do that


I’m done just get to know us before you judge us.

All I know is take buzzfeed quizzes, eat avocado toast, and lie.


I like Star Wars.

…and coffee. That one’s true.


Nope not at all. I don’t take any BuzzFeed quizzes. I don’t like avocado at all and I don’t lie.

We’re just making jokes here Just make a joke


u definitely lie u just give off that vibe

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Razor millennial roasting isn’t a personal attack. You’re arguing with teenagers pls be nice


:joy::joy::joy: I love you guys here. I do and I appreciate u all. It’s makes this community much better