Millennials Having Their Own Channel

I think with the influx of tik-tokers coming to this app millennials definitely need their own channel or station so that we could continue to see more content that is actually creative and not full of TikTok sounds and edits. Plus we want to be found, not over shadowed.


Tik tok sounds and edits aren’t inherently bad. I don’t like the division going on, especially the millennial v zoomer distinction. This would reinforce those divisions


A whole “Vine Energy” or “Sketches” channel actually might be a nice addition


I understand your frustration but yeah I wouldn’t want to create anything that would divide us.

I’m not a fan of supremacy at all and The Genz bullying was pure supremacy but so would creating a channel aimed for “millennials only club”

Just keep looking for quality content and eventually the noise will die down.


Generations are fake and this whole “genz vs millennial” thing only helps those in power because together we are the two most progressive generations.

I agree that there should be a channel for vine-like content. 10 secs or less, no sounds, no filters. BUT that doesn’t make it inherently “millennial”. We had plenty of genz people doing that before the tiktok crew came, and they are still free to do that. Why put a label on it that is so arbitrary and unrelated… it should be about the content, not “who makes it”


They wouldn’t be able to call it v*ne energy, but I do like the idea of adding a sketch, or 2013 vibes, or some different name with the same idea.

Any channel name called millenials or 90s kids or w/e would probably get targeted imo

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They could be real cheeky and call in “vyne energy” that subverts the copyright