Milestones Rewards

So similar to YouTube, like how they have a silver play button for 100K subs and gold for 1 Million and so on. Would you guys, the community, like to see something like that within V2?


Check out my thread I made quite similar to this.


Something like that would be really cool, thinking about it. I think there should be little badges on that user’s profile which indicate their milestones.

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Ah thanks, must have missed it. :slight_smile:

No. Again, with all due respect, it contributes to an atmosphere of exclusivity and it becomes a numbers game.

It doesn’t do anything to their channel, it is just a personal matter.

Well, what’s the point of it then?

Physical items for your work from V2

Please clarify. To me, it just feels like another meaningless badge or trophy.

@jennifer @ale @onkelchrispy @PaulieTex Hey guys, sorry. I know you are in mid-converstaion here. I’ve closed the thread to minimize any confusion, as there are other similar topics currently opened. I hope this is ok and I didn’t disrupt your thoughts. If you wouldn’t mind, could you please continue the chat on Rewards Program :grin:. I went ahead and updated the name of the topic to Rewards & Trophies in the hope that other users might better understand what is included in the thread. Thanks.

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