Milestone! 32k loops and 600 followers! Thank you so much Byte

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hi, I’m Josh Mirecki**

I’d like to first of all thank @dom and any other contributor for all their hard work over the years to create this platform where we all will be able to share memories, bring joy to the world, and express our creativity through the iconic 6 second videos on Byte. The community of Byte looks promising and it’s fantastic to be apart of it. Well done team!

~ A green history

I was one of the lucky ones who got to experience Vine back in 2013, I unfortunately only got the chance to post one Vine before the site tragically got shut down. The Vine experience stuck with me all these years and there was nothing like it anywhere else. YouTube was just Vine reuploads, Facebook, never use that, Snapchat, only for friends, and the same for Instagram. I want to keep this as short as possible, but if you would like me to go more in-depth on my reasons why, just let me know ;).Yes, there was Tik Tok, but something didn’t feel right about it. The time constraint and the community felt off, so I competed school assignments, carried on with life, and waited patiently till the day @dom returned from the dead with his newest creation.

I do have to agree Tik Tok’s featured creator spotlight was able to boost videos I made with my friends to astronomical heights (Just to reiterate, I do not use Tik Tok, I was held against my will by friends). This is also probably due to the number of people that use the service. I do question, maybe this is what makes Byte and Vine so great. The difficulty of reaching such height, but at the same time some talented creators don’t “Follow 4 Follow” till the day they’re dead to promote themselves (This is just for those who aren’t fortunate to reach their target audience and breach the bubble somehow). I am unaware of any algorithm other than the “For Your Consideration”, “Spotlight”, “New & Trending” and “Your Mix” that are able to replicate the “general population” tailored experience for publicity.

***~ Globalisation Game Plan @Erikaallyson ***

When thinking back to why I even downloaded Vine in the first place, I totally didn’t know about the community at all until I actually experienced it. The reason why and how many others have is due to memes and trends. Like, 9 + 10 = 21, Yeet, Deez Nutz are some of my most memorable vines. At this point Tik Tok has had so many memes and trends I can’t really think of what the very first one was. From my experience, practically no one I know even knows Byte exists even though they are hardcore addicts to their phones.

I don’t know about you guys, but the first meme to hit me so far has been the @erika meme. Concept: If someone talks to her they instantly get famous. So everyone tags her. I’m not sure how this could be applied to real life. It has evolved into just @ing her for no reason just because people are confused.

Memes and trends will not only benefit Byte, but also the creators. If you’re not being discovered yet, its because you haven’t reached your audience. Having more people on the site gives you a better chance of being noticed and picked up.

The video of me falling off my fridge has already made it to Reddit and I am not aware of my videos being posted anywhere else yet.

Please suggest any Byte memes or trends below that we are able to use in our daily life to spread the word around in a fun way. Please don’t spam your videos, please explain the concept and meaning.

~ Today

I begin my journey to receive my major computer science and will be creating Bytes on the side for fun! They’re a joy to make since video production is one of my passions! My content will typically consist of pure chaos/fever dream, puns, videos with friends or whatever theme in general. I just achieved a 24 K loops (As of writing) and 500 followers which is an absolute honour, and I thank everyone very much that has had any impact in making this a reality. Big or small.

Some of my Bytes may push the limits on socially acceptable things, but I see that as the whole point for myself. I’m messing around, having fun time, understanding and improving my comedy and becoming more comfortable with expressing myself. I just want to say this once as some people attach a persona or to character to people they see online. I am a real person too. If you guys think that I’m going too far in certain parts, just let me know!

I unfortunately wasn’t able to join the beta most likely because I didn’t have any social media other than Snapchat. (No following).

this will definitely be an interesting experience!

thanks for reading, have a great day!

@JoshMirecki on mostly everything (still getting it set up, but twitter is up for sure)




Congratulations Josh.

One day I will experience the journey you did to get to 500 followers. My current goal is 100 followers for now and then see where it goes from there.

My Byte : @davidlei would love to connect with you on byte.


Thank you @buchanansbarnyard1 and @Davidlei !

I hope you meet your goal soon!
Woah you’re VFX and transitions are amazing!


Congratulations I’m proud of you, next goal is 1k


Congrats! I just hit 25k+ loops and I cried :pleading_face: you deserve it!!

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Thank you very much @Pac!

How cursed do you think my uploads can be? I’ve got some stuff recorded that is wack.

What is the #ClearSkinGang? :joy:

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AWWW @rommie! Congratulations!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Your voice is amazing!

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Wow that means a lot!!! :blush: thank you so much :blush::notes::star2:

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follow me i’m from new york and make genuine content @sebajawa @sebajawa @sebajawa tune into my page and rebyte my videos, i’ll do the same let’s grow together!!!.

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This platform is truly incredible and I am very thankful for opportunity to grow here. Well done.

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It’s a kpop meme, kpop stans like to say stan something for clear skin.

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Thank you! @forrealjak @bevs