Mild Confusion Regarding The Partner Program

First Id like to CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU WHO GOT IN! Congrats to everyone who got into the partner program, make sure to still have fun, and enjoy that bread lmao. I am so proud of the byte team and all the creators who made this amazing thing happen! Hopefully, the new wave will add even more people, but Partners make sure to ENJOY your time! I say this from the bottom of my heart, CONGRATS!

Now, the badges have gone public and we can see who is in. Cool cool. So, in the original post about the Byte Creator Program, there was a mention of it being in the USA only. Never were we informed of it being available in countries other than the states, therefore nobody really applied for it outside of the states. It seems that people from other countries still managed to get in though. There are people from Canada and UK in it for example… (I’m not gonna name names).

I’m just confused as to why non USA people got in when it was said that its USA only. Or was it not a USA only program??? Can the byte team explain please, because I kinda feel lied to a bit…



I believe they still reached out to people who didn’t apply


But why would they reach out to people outside from the states, when the original forum post is very clear on who can join from what country. It just feels a bit disingenuous to me if Im being honest. They could have just not named a country at all…


well this is odd

here’s the quote

I know for sure a lot of people that didn’t apply because of this line


Day one of PP and interesting :writing_hand:t4:




What does the badge look like???


it looks like this


Oh ok


This whole process really suffered from a lack of transparency, even up to now. Here we are halfway through announcement day and there’s still no formal announcement of everyone who got in? What is the thought process there?

As for people outside the specified region, this was their exact quote:
" Will the program be available in my region?

To start, we’ll be rolling out the pilot program in the United States only. We’ll share plans about other regions as they develop."

I don’t mind that they changed their minds on it, but they didn’t communicate. So, now it will look like they played favorites and kept other people from those additional regions in the dark. It looks like people were lied to. I know creators who didn’t even bother applying because they didn’t live in the region that was clearly communicated. I don’t want to diminish the creators who were selected, either. They’re good creators for sure! But the way this was done makes it easy to see bad faith in the process, whether it exists or not.

I hate to complain or be negative. But, Byte team…y’all really need to work on being transparent. There was almost no talk about this over the course of months, and today the news is trickling out and being disseminated (probably imperfectly) through the community and not through the people who made the decisions.

I spent a number of years covering the games industry and working with people who were much more involved in that industry than I was. A lot of companies have had to learn this lesson: If you communicate clearly, you can help people understand what you’re doing; But if you stay quiet, the general public will run away with the narrative. I hope you guys decide to start talking clearly to your community some time today. I really want Byte to succeed.


Couldnt have said it better, and I agree 100% with you! Im more mad that we were lied to and kept in the dark! Im happy that people got in, who are honestly such good creators. but the Byte Team really needs to be WAAAAY more transparent with these things as they concern us as well.


Same! I hate to even say anything, because I don’t want to overshadow what should be a time just to celebrate some good creators! And I really hope my comments don’t make any of those people feel bad or like I think they shouldn’t be there.

I’m happy for them. I’m concerned for Byte.


Yes! I always thought at the beginning the first thing communicated to us beta testers was 100% open communication. Well right now that communication isn’t holding well even though we are in a tough situation right now some communication is better than none. So I agree with you guys in this and think the communication should be at least up to the level promised to us when we were brought in.


Same here I worry to much about being a downer in such a wonderful opportunity. But It would be nice to see who is in so we can all properly congratulate them and wish them well.

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I hate to be negative like this, but I’m starting to notice a trend of lack of communication.

It started with the extension from 6.5 to 8 second bytes. There wasn’t any announcement to the community or even to the beta testers, somebody figured it out and we all went crazy. We first thought it was a bug until we got more confirmation and then finally we got an official word that they were planning on sticking with 8 seconds…about a day or so after the update happened.

And then now we have this. I first heard about it extending outside of the US from @Furkanaibani, who said he texted cami and she replied back to him, and then he relayed the information to us. (I couldn’t find the original quote, if somebody could find that and reference it here that would be great.) But it was never released to the community publicly.

@dom, dev team, I know we’re living in crazy and strange times, but communication is two-way, and it’s as easy as writing a simple thread here in the forums to inform us about the status update.
Now, there could be other factors as to why changes like these were not communicated with us, so if it’s possible, it would be great to communicate those reasons why with us so that we might be able to understand. At the very least, I would understand and try to help others understand.

I love byte and its community, but I personally know A LOT about miscommunication and lack of communication, and I don’t want byte to fall victim to the same consequences that befall companies that failed to communicate clearly. :pleading_face:


I think so they gave this information to whoever asked because I am Indian and I asked about India so cami was cool and said unfortunately it’s not there in India yet but we got some green signal for uk, Australia & Canada


Don’t forget when they released byte to the world without any notice by the way. In no way is that a bad thing it would have been nice to be prepared for the influx of people though.


I got you fam with the receipts


Did they not inform the community when they did it?


they told us, there was a post that literally said byte is out