Metrics for video view times

This might be mentioned here before, but it would be nice to see the average retention time on a video (% of it being watched to the end and if repeatedly).

Reason we want to request that is to see why one video does better than another - is it content topics, lighting, sound, etc. I know other video app shows that, and I had used it to adjust our video production

:blush: Thanks, Henry



What app has :thinking: I want to check it out


TikTok does it for every video and is super helpful - we gather a lot of do and donts in short form videos from those metrics - I look at those numbers everyday to gauge what works and what doesn’t, at least on TikTok


Not a huge fan of TT but I found this, hopefully, this answers your question .


Think he’s talking about metrics on overall channel, not individual videos - this is more granular in nature.

Yeah, I know u don’t like TikTok :blush:


Lol, I see. Byte should consider maybe they’ll implement along with it. I like the idea, however.


U are in good company hating TikTok - seems like Silicon Valley is hating them right now, from Huffman of reddit to Sandberg of Facebook- maybe u r on to something :grin: who knows - right now, I’m enjoying how fast Charli D’amelio is growing on it - crazy hype and she deserves it :+1:

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Never heard of her I’ll check her out. The downfall of TT is near :thinking:


If u haven’t heard of Charli D’amelio, then u have been on this forum too much talking about the partner program :joy::joy::joy:

I think TikTok do need to separate it’s roots from the Chinese company ByteDance- only way they could possibly go IPO - rumor is that they are going to either HQ in London or LA - Not sure if u know, there’s 2 version of TikTok - Chinese (Douyin) and others. It’s just too massive and with the Chinese gov rules and regulations, they gotta do something.

But I respectively disagree with u on that TikTok is coming to an end - it’s grown to mass and scale where it’s here to stay - don’t look at it from a subjective point of view but look at it from a objective point of views, numbers don’t lie :thinking:


Every year or generation has a hype/trend era. The hype for TT will eventually die in other words like any other trend and hype. Short term it’s doing well and it’s very successful but long term it won’t last.


Agreed with that everything will trend down and die (I.e. MySpace, Periscope) cause new and better things will displace it.

I just would want to understand better why u dislike TikTok so much - I mean I hate veggies but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect vegans.

I know we are on Byte discussing another similar app, but it’s good to see the good in another platform - I 100% believe that what I learn on TikTok I could leverage better on here - I’m done with trying to convince u about TikTok - just be open minded to other things - u r too young to be stuck on one thing :blush:

I do enjoy our conversation- it’s refreshing so don’t take it in any other way - this is how I de-stress from my day job as an engineer :grin:


They’re six seconds long, there’s almost no way that someone who sees at least a couple of seconds wouldn’t watch the entire thing. It makes sense for longer form content, this I’m not sure about.


I see it in my own viewing behaviors- if a video doesn’t catch my attention within 2 secs, I swipe to next one - that’s why I requested it. Actually it almost mean more with short form videos than long form since it’s the behavior of the viewers that tends to have short attention of the content.


Pac you know we brothers but I don’t think TT is going anywhere any time soon. 1.5b total downloads, 500 million active users per day. I don’t know if anything can top that.

Analytics can’t come soon enough :star_struck:


It would be 1.500000000001 billion downloads if Tupac downloads it :blush:

Just messing with you just for giggles :joy:


I’ll one day write a rant more in-depth on why I dislike TT but I think @PlasticRice may put it in better words. I am open-minded but I had to limit myself for this one when musically was out I didn’t like.

I don’t extremely hate the app nor the creator’s probs to them for success. But the content is what I dislike… mostly see is a bunch of recycled stolen dance and repeated dance over and over again.

Also, I do get bored easily and the contents on there aren’t for me.


Time will tell :joy::ok_hand:t4: I have YouTube so I’m good!

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Everyone is entitled to their opinions and likes and dislikes. I always listen to people cause that’s when learning happens and new opportunities flourish. So just take that in consideration :blush:


I’ve made a similar post about TT VS Byte a few weeks back, so I’m going to paste it here with a few tweaks:

I don’t agree with or like TikTok for the same reasons that a lot of others do, controversy with being a national security threat, datamining, and the general community of dancing and algorithm favoring trend-following rather than creativity. As much as I always step all over it, I do have to admit, it’s good at what it does, and it is, by every definition, thriving, even if it is Chinese spyware. It’s an unmonetizable platform. Most fame is pseudofame – and it is REALLY easy to automate for clout on there, there are little to no bot filters (See: apps like Autotokker). Its main attraction is the “Anyone can be famous” idea, which kids love, as long as they have a camera, music, and some sort of strobe light effect, even if that fame only lasts 10 minutes or so.

But Byte? We’re a humble little community, made up of people from all walks of life, coming together to build something that we all hope blossoms into something beautiful. We don’t want to build some sort of huge transformer that can someday invade Tik Tok and challenge them to a duel.

We want to raise Byte like a child, grow member by member, and be a part of something in its infancy stage. Each member of the community is like a parent, and the app is the child we’re trying to raise, and each little 6 second video is one step closer to its adulthood. Unlike Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, or anything, these forums exist and have been amazing for keeping contact between vocal users in what would otherwise be a community ghost town. I love it. You begin to see the same faces, familiar faces, around, the same people supporting each other.

People have already vocalized basically any input I already wanted to contribute. Byte is small. Vine was small. But unlike Vine, we’re something fresh and new, following the same format, but all trying our best to grow back the community from years ago we knew and loved. It’ll take time, definitely. But the overall GENIUS of Byte as an app and its business model, the cycle of Advertising Campaign Deals --> Make Money --> Money Goes to Creators --> Creators Make Content --> Consumers Consume Content --> Makes More Money for Byte --> Money Goes Back to Creators? This cycle isn’t only unique, it’s ingenius, a business model in line with the likenesses of early YouTube. There is SO much potential.

It will only die once WE want it to. And nobody wants that. Keep chugging along, check it from time to time, be active in the community! No project turns into a giant Bean Stalk over night. Water it, give it food, raise it, and watch as your creation blossoms into a fully-fledged cherry blossom tree with enough love. <3


Thanks @PlasticRice :woozy_face: always :b:OOLIN’

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