Message to millennials

Hi! Gen Z here… As someone who frequents TikTok here’s a bit of a condensed timeline: Tik tok starts off as app filled with furries… then furries and cosplayers get bullied by both straight and alt tik tok once the app becomes more mainstream… Straight/mainstream tiktok clashing with alt tik tok… tiktok gets threatened so alt tik tok (who already had issues with the app chooses to move). The comments and hate against millennials were and are similar to many of the ones on tik tok(against many groups/types of people deemed cringey). They aren’t representative of all of alt tik tok, it more of a generational difference and culture shock for both sides. Ask me anything below!!!


hows your day :slight_smile:

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Facts, we should be all nicer tbh




real question: how do you and your friends like the app so far? thinking of long term staying?

So I have a question. When do you think Millennials and Gen Zs will get along? Cuz honestly, we all should get along if anything

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I’m just super happy to see you guys getting on the forums honestly. This place is great and we have been nothing but completely supportive of each other and everyone regardless of age or what they’re in to.

I hope the people you are talking about don’t show up I’ve been here 6 months and it’s been nothing but amazing.

I hope you guys give it a chance and stick around.


this whole thing def is bc of a mob mentality and people aren’t used to this app. i think once the bigger creators come in it’ll be better and we will exist… not in harmony, but together

the milly side can be like the new straight tiktok!

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It really depends on the updates! I haven’t actually told my friend about the app though… For some of us it’s like a hidden gem we want to keep away from bad/xenophobic tiktok!


You’re completely right!

I couldn’t tell you… I hope soon

hi I’m a millennial furry :wave:

Oh lawwwwdddd

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