Merry thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my USA peoples, and to everyone else!! Its important to take some time and reflect on personal growth, as well as what good you have to be thankful for! even if there isnt a lot, you can still take that reflection and put it towards change for the new year!

Eat lots of :turkey::turkey::turkey: or Torkey (Tofu-Turky?) and be merry! Were a byte-ing family so lets dig into the feast lol :yum::yum:


Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll! Enjoy your day and spend it wisely.


Aw , you too!! Also, it’s tofurkey lel

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Tofurkey!!! Ive heard of a tofucken (vegan turducken, which honestly, turducken sounds disgusting IMO lol) but not just a turkey! thanks lol

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wow, that is truly a spectacular name

Have a nice Tutukurkey (a turkey inside a turkey) HIMYM ref


i hope all u americans had a great turkey day :turkey: :blue_heart:

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Wait ur not from the US and A?

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lmaooo nope! london, england

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Happy kwanzaa and a merry menorah. :metal:t5:

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Happy Thanksgiving gringooos! :two_hearts:

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It’s black fridayeet

Happy belated thanksgiving from Australia!!