Merge Category, Personalized Recommendation, & More! (5+ Ideas)

Another Unpopular Idea :bulb:

Category to Merge:

*•Experimental (Science) & (add Education) *
•Style & Beauty (Merge?)
•add Howto & Style (Merge?)
•Art & (add DIY) Merge?
•Sport & Fitness (Merge?)
•Experimental & Internet (Merge?)

Category to Add/Replace/Rename:

•Add DIY or Howto
*•Add Education *
•People & Blogs
•Replace Cute to Satisfying (or Merge?)

Rank # on Trendings:

•I’ve mentioned this already but have Trending # on the video to help the creator keep track of the spot rank.


•Have a gif type of animation for the video – 1-sec preview. (e.g. YouTube has)

Trending Hashtag Rank:

•Make it simpler for viewers/creators to view the trending Hashtag & Within the Hashtag…(have Gridview?)

Turn “Your Mix” into Advanced Personalized Recommendation:

I know this is being worked on BTS, I believe many can relate… do you hate seeing a lot of random videos you’re not interested or category you’re not into?

Well, have viewers & creators select what type of content they want to get recommended. This can be in the settings or when accounts first join, have users select category that they’re interested (Multiple or one e.g. Comedy, wierd, chill, and so on.)

Toggle ON/OFF:

•Have Light Mode & Dark Mode option…
•Make Account Public/Private

Content Preference:

•Add an option to select video language…

Byte Creator BARSCAN:

•Byte Code to Scan (e.g. Twitter & Insta has it…)

There are some other features that I know that coming so I excluded them.

Feedback about my ideas? :slight_smile:


Probably not because not all education stuff is science, calling it experimental would be wrong when factually accurate.

Clothing & makeup mean these have to stay separate.

Nah, fashion and DIY make this a no. A how to doesn’t necessarily mean style.

Painting and DIY aren’t the same.

I’m sure they’ll evolve but I don’t think merging ‘similar’ things with different purpose would work.


They’re wanting to keep the app just dark mode for now as that’s how it was designed.

Being worked on

Possible but not necessary when you can share a URL to your profile. This may come eventually but other features would take prevalence.


If merged it’ll be enough room to add more new category. Other than that most of the ones I recommended are a dead-end category :thinking:

Or have something similar to



“Style + beauty” should be merged together and renamed to “Fashion”, it just makes more sense :thinking:


I actually like that :fire::love_you_gesture:t4::star2:


I agree with that! It makes it feel a little less dead end-ish. And most likely the people who are looking at the beauty category are also looking at style.


Currently I feel all categories except for comedy aren’t saturated enough and could easily be merged.

The only hesitation with merging is as more people join the app there may not seem like enough versatility. I’d hate to merge the groups just to find out there’s an over saturation and now we need to segment the groups. Wondering if there’s a middle ground where we can start building subgroups where you can scroll through a top level and if you don’t like what you see filter it into a subgroup.

Just some thoughts, but I’m no expert. Be curious what everyone thinks.


I need more feedbacks/input like this, and I agree with that.


I get why merging the categories would make sense, but I like keeping them separate because it becomes a bit easier to find creators making content similar to your own. For example, makeup lovers can find other makeup lovers, or even in the case of fitness and sports, some people may not watch sports but they enjoy learning new workouts/ wanna follow other trainers.

Its almost like creating smaller communities within one larger community. But I know with the decline in engagement/posts to certain categories it could make sense to merge one or two together.




Straight up agree with you on everything. The thought you have put into this, is astounding. Quite brilliant man. Love this community more than cake.


Science and Education could be a good match. Experimental, I feel like it’s meant for something else. Experimenting with your filming, editing, color grading, music writing, art, creativity, whatever… is not the same as science. So they should stay separate.

Style and Beauty: They are not the same, at all. Beauty is all about makeup, maybe hairstyles, maybe nails. Style is clothes, interior design, Lifestyle choices or habits. Maybe it’s because you are a guy? And are not used to these kind of content that is aimed almost always at women… but they really are different.

Howto (DIY) and Style/Art: Howto is a general name that wouldn’t really help, it would just be confusing. This is 6 seconds we are talking about, you can’t really make a tutorial in that time frame. Besides, Art is not a very DIY thing. Art is a personal expresion, and artists work hard on their skills and style.

Sports and fitness: I guess they could be merged… not that they are the same thing though. I just don’t feel like those channels are getting used enough to keep them separate.

Experimental and Internet: I don’t see how those are related… at all.

This is straight up not a good idea. Having Ranked Popular or Trending pages encourages competition, and doing whatever it takes to be number one. You get more people doing shitty content because they don’t care about it being good, just about it being “number one”. You get more people trying to cheat the system, like with the rebyte groups.

I’m pretty sure all of these are coming. I seem to remember Dom and the Staff mentioning features like these.

Now THIS. This is what I want. To have the option to set you account’s language, or maybe each byte’s language. And then we could filter that.


Yes true


Thank You :slightly_smiling_face::love_you_gesture:t4:

We agree :hamburger::fries:

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Thanks :star2::fire:

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Then it would make sense to merging Experimental & Editing :thinking:


…Can’t cheat the system anymore with the new update… Algorithm Changelog (ongoing)

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I don’t recall… haven’t heard :eyes: link?

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Style is related to more fashion or overall look.

Beauty would have makeup skin care hair tips bath